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UN commends rise in Zambian family planning

UN commends rise in Zambian family planning

The Executive Office of the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General has commended the Zambian Government for doubling its budgetary allocation towards family planning.

Nana Taona Kuo, who is the senior programme officer for the Every Woman, Every Child health team in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, acknowledged the Zambian Government’s prioritisation of the welfare of women and girls. This is contained in a press statement released by the First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at Zambia’s Mission to the UN, Chibaula Silwamba.

Ms Nana said Mr Ban’s office was happy that “the Government of Zambia is committed to strengthening access and doubling its budgetary allocation to family planning.” She said this during a panel discussion organised by the Permanent Mission of Zambia to the UN, and the Every Woman, Every Child and the Global Leaders for Reproductive Health at UN headquarters.

She said that due to the progressive policies of President Michael Sata’s government and his dedication to improve the well-being of Zambians, especially women and girls, the country had won international recognition and elections to major intergovernmental bodies. “Since the time President Sata appointed Dr Mwaba Kasese-Bota as Permanent Representative and Ambassador to the UN, Zambia has been elected to the board of UNICEF, the bureau of the UN Committee on Information, and chair of the 32-Member State Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) Group, and Southern African countries chose Zambia to represent the region on the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”


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