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World Vasectomy Day

World Vasectomy Day

World Vasectomy Day is 13 November. The Day is an annual event intended to promote greater participation by men in family planning.

According to the organisers, “World Vasectomy Day is about increasing quality of life by increasing the consciousness and kindness with which new life is brought into this world and old and other life forms are cared for.”


Many men get vasectomies out of concern for the environment. This is because every extra person increases our carbon emissions and demand for natural resources. There are few decisions that a person could make that would have as positive an impact on the environment as either deciding not to have children or to limit family size. Many men who have had vasectomies choose along with their partners to adopt and thereby help to care for the most vulnerable in society and enjoy parenthood without causing additional harm to the environment.

Some choose to have a vasectomy in order to share the responsibility for family planning with their partners and to help protect them from death or disability resulting from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications, which cause the deaths of approximately 800 women in the world every day.

People who have fewer children are able to invest more in each child — thus the children benefit greatly.

Simon Ross, Chief Executive of Population Matters, commented, “For men who have completed their families or who choose not to have children, vasectomies are safe and effective and the procedure generally takes no longer than 15 minutes.”

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