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World vasectomy day 18.10.13 – update

World vasectomy day 18.10.13 – update

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Saving the planet . . . one vasectomy at a time!

Dear Friends and Followers

It’s been five years since my friend Kenny and I talked about ‘a man putting his balls on the line for Mother Earth’.
Four years since we started making a film about fatherhood and fertility.
Three years since I met Dr. Doug Stein.
Two years since I got my own vasectomy.
One year and a half since I came up with the idea to do World Vasectomy Day…
Four months since finishing our film THE VASECTOMIST…

WE ARE HERE IN AUSTRALIA and ready to launch what always seemed like an impossible dream. Fresh from a radio interview on Adelaide’s 3D this morning (see the photo above with me and Doug, talking up all things WVD alongside my co-director Saralena Weinfield promoting our Adelaide Film Festival screenings of THE VASECTOMIST – fabulous premiere last night by the way… very exciting…)

So, can we change the world? No, things don’t really work that way, but we can make a difference in many peoples’ lives and many people working together can make a difference in millions of people’s lives and millions of people in pursuit of the highest manifestation of who we are can make the world a place more in tune with life’s greatest gifts.

It started as a whim, but I was carried along by the hard work, the passion, the support, the effort, the wisdom, the generosity and the commitment of many more and together, World Vasectomy Day has become a reality that we are all proud to have helped make a reality. I often say, the birth of an idea is the first act of a living story. The actual project is the second act. The third act is what happens to the story when it goes out into the world. So the third act is yours. What you choose to do with it and what you turn it into. There’s no single answer, no simple truth, but here are a few things you can do to get started:

1. Watch the days’ events live streamed from Adelaide, Australia http://livestreaming.riaus.org.au

2. Watch THE VASECTOMIST online. Our film is available for a limited rental stream period of 30 days from 18 October 2013 everywhere in the world apart from Australia. Australian audiences can access the film for 30 days from 22 October 2013.

3. Spread the word to others and get them to do the same.

4. Help us keep finding the resources so that what was built in our first year becomes something even more magnificent going forward.

5. And if you were wondering what 1,000 vasectomies means in human terms, read a recent paper by researchers Dominick Shattuck and Helen Bristow of FHI 360.

Post WVD summary to follow… but in the meantime… HASTA LA VASECTOMIA SIEMPRE!!!!

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