Population Matters

What we do

What we do

Our mission is to promote smaller families and reduced consumption throughout the world through advancing:

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  • the education of the public in issues relating to human population worldwide and its impact on environmental sustainability;
  • research to determine optimum and ecologically sustainable human population levels and to publicise the results of such research; and
  • environmental protection by promoting policies that will lead or contribute to the achievement of stable human population levels allowing environmental sustainability.

Our strategy reflects both our approach and our plans.

We mount campaigns to promote environmental sustainability.

All of the projects we undertake help us to implement our campaigns.

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Through our outreach programme we provide to organizations of all types film screenings, promotional items and other materials, speakers and workshops upon request.

We present awards to individuals who have worked to increase awareness of population- and sustainability-related issues.

We form alliances with other organizations to further mutual goals.

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