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Walloon animals at risk

Walloon animals at risk

Although most Belgians think that extinction only threatens exotic and faraway species, the biodiversity of Belgium’s territory is in danger as well, warns the Libre Belgique Journal.

Belgium has always been proud of its rich wildlife, but its biodiversity is in real danger nowadays, according to a recent article in Libre Belgique. The main problem consists of the decreasing number of breeders and people’s indifference to local wildlife. Species on the verge of extinction include the Belgian silver rabbit and local species of duck, pigeon, chicken and goose.

According to Didier Vieuxtemps, counsellor of the Federation for Belgian Agriculture, farmyard animals are not the only ones affected by the risk of extinction. ”The world has seen the disappearance of several species judged unprofitable for the food chain since the fifties,” he affirms. Pushing forward the most productive species has led to the uniformity and impoverishment of lands and wildlife.


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