Population Matters Update - December 2015 Part I

Population awareness

Our Chief Executive Simon Ross has written an article published in Chinadialogue on the link between high birth rates and carbon emissions. Simon emphasized the link between coal usage and increasing population, both of which are contributors to high levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

The British Parliament last formally debated population policy in 1974

We have scanned and posted online the findings of the UK Population Panel that was tasked with reporting on the issue of national population growth in 1974. That is when the British Parliament last formally debated population policy.

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Family planning & women's rights

We have published a paper comparing the reliability and cost of sterilization and Long-Acting Reversible Contraception with those of short-term measures such as the male condom and the pill. Despite the many advantages of long-term contraception, access to it is restricted for cost reasons in some areas of the UK.

Cuts in the reproductive health budget may lead to increased disease transmission and unintended pregnancies

The FPA has released a report on the effects of the 10 per cent reduction in UK government spending on reproductive health services. The FPA is predicting that for every £1 in “savings” there will be an increase in healthcare costs of £86 resulting from increased disease transmission and unintended pregnancies.

A woman who told the BBC that she doesn’t want to have children has received such horrendous abuse online that she has had to deactivate her Twitter account.

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Environmental conservation

We participated in the People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs in Central London on 29 November. The march was well attended — about 70,000 people turned out to call for greater governmental action on climate change.

Nola, who has now died, was one of the four last northern white rhinos on Earth

The death of Nola, a northern white rhino in the US, has left only three of the animals alive on Earth, all of whom are now elderly. The species has been seriously affected by poaching in recent years.

The World Meteorological Organisation predicts that the average global temperature for 2015 will be the highest ever on record. So far, the global average surface temperature this year has been 0.73 degrees Celsius higher than the 1961 – 1990 average.

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Sustainable lifestyles

The Lagos Veg Festival took place from 27 – 29 November. There were a number of stalls and speeches devoted to encouraging individuals to adopt healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Only children are more likely to have high IQs and professional success

A study by Jstor Daily has shown that only children are more likely to have high IQs and professional success than children who have siblings.

Research published in The Lancet recommends greatly increasing the availability of vasectomies. Vasectomy prevalence worldwide ranges from 12 per cent in Western Europe to 0 per cent in certain African states.

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