Population Matters Update - September 2015 Part II

Population awareness

We have issued a briefing on the United Nations’ latest world population projections, which indicate that global population size will exceed 11 billion by 2100.

The UK population is expected to grow by 21 million in 65 years

The United Kingdom is expected to experience population growth of 21 million in the next 65 years — a number almost double that of the rest of the European Union, which is predicted to experience growth of 11 million in the same timeframe.

A conservative Hindu group in India concerned about the increasing number of Muslims in the country is offering a reward to Hindu families that have at least five children.

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Family planning & women's rights

We made a submission to the United Kingdom Parliament’s International Development Committee in response to its inquiry into the Sustainable Development Goals, calling for greater focus on population, women’s rights and family planning.

Sierra Leone has identified family planning as a major contributor to reducing maternal mortality and has launched a national family planning campaign to reduce unintended pregnancies.

Abortion rights may be under threat in Scotland

Abortion rights may be under threat in Scotland. A law giving the Scottish Parliament the ability to reduce the existing 24-week limit on abortion may be added to pending legislation that would transfer a swathe of powers from the United Kingdom Parliament to the Scottish Parliament.

The Vatican for only one year is providing an offer of absolution to Catholics who have had an abortion and are truly repentant.

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Environmental conservation

The United Kingdom Met Office is predicting that the next two years will be the hottest on record.

California Governor Jerry Brown has scaled back a proposal that would have reduced petroleum use by 50 per cent.

Humans kill many adult animals, putting their species at risk of extinction

A study published in Science indicates that humans kill more adult animals than other predators, who generally target young prey, and that killing more adults than youngsters places species at increased risk of extinction.

Human activity is placing half of the world’s crocodile species at risk of extinction, according to University of Queensland researcher Gordon Grigg.

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Sustainable lifestyles

Economists are saying that climate-smart cities could spur economic growth and greatly reduce carbon emissions.

A new United Nations study indicates that the world’s cities produce as much as 10 billion tonnes of waste annually.

Resource wars resulting from climate change could displace even greater numbers of refugees

As the world struggles to address the current refugee crisis, Lord Ashdown, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats in Britain, is warning that unchecked climate change could lead to resource wars and even greater numbers of refugees.

Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has criticised Western society for its “extravagant lifestyle” and stated that mass consumption is not part of Indian culture.

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