Population Matters Update - August 2016


Human activity has reduced local biodiversity below the recommended safe level

Loss of biodiversity below safe level

Human activity has reduced local biodiversity below the recommended ‘safe’ level in over half of habitats worldwide, according to a study in Science magazine.

Earth Overshoot Day

We have already used up more resources this year than the Earth can regenerate

Monday 8 August 2016 marked the day when we had already used up as much from nature this year as our planet can renew in the whole year. This year’s Earth Overshoot Day has fallen on a much earlier date than in previous years.

Help raise awareness of the day by sharing www.overshootday.org on social media, and like us, write to the press!

What did you do for Earth Overshoot Day? Tell us and we will share your inspiring stories on our website and social media!

Population Matters News

The demographic dividend can boost a country's economy

Benefits of the demographic dividend

We have issued a briefing on the economic benefits of the demographic dividend, where a falling birth rate increases the proportion of people of working age within a country’s population.

New patron

We are delighted to announce that record-breaking polar explorer Adrian Hayes has become our latest patron, joining existing patrons including Sir David Attenborough and Dame Jane Goodall.

Local group spotlight — on Herts

Our Hertfordshire Local Group has been meeting in St Albans since 2012

Since January 2016, Herts Local Group has provided

  • four stalls at local events
  • a letter published in a local paper
  • talks to the local Friends of the Earth group and Rotary Club
  • an online discussion group on population amongst nature conservationists.

Future plans include participating in a discussion group between church leaders in East Barnet on population, and activities for ‘Sustainable St. Albans Week’, along with other NGOs.

Interested in helping out? Click here to find your nearest local group, or form your own!

More news and advice are available from our Members’ Update.

25th anniversary

This stunningly-illustrated book on population issues is an unforgettable read
In this special year, we hope you will help us celebrate by donating to our 25th Anniversary appeal. As a “thank you”, and to celebrate our 25 years of hard, rewarding work, we are entering everyone who becomes a member this month into a raffle to win a copy of the sumptuously-illustrated ‘coffee table’ book Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot, published by Global Population Speak Out.

Appeal from Population Matters CEO

Chief Executive Simon Ross

‘Investing in teenage girls’ is a highly appropriate official message for UN World Population Day. From human rights to poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability, ensuring teenage girls have access to education and employment is key. We also agree with the UN that the world needs to end child marriage, curb adolescent pregnancy, and empower girls to make informed choices about their health and lives. Today, there are 285 million girls between 15 and 19 years old — a record number.

Helping them to take charge of their own fertility has never been so important.

Become a member

Help us lobby governments and international organizations to help girls at home and abroad by joining us today!

Thank you,

Simon Ross
Chief Executive, Population Matters

Key dates

Earth Overshoot DayGlobal, 8 August 2016

World Social Forum 2016Montreal, Canada, 9-14 August 2016

International Youth DayGlobal, 12 August 2016

European Population ConferenceMainz, Germany, 31 Aug-3 Sept 2016

Free film for members

If you join now, there is still time for you to get a copy!

Sense and Sustainability: Is a species set on endless growth sustainable?

Anchored Minds’ great new film on population, Sense and Sustainability, which we have supported, will be released this month. If you would like to receive a promo code with which you can watch the film for free, sign up for membership, then contact James.

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