Population Matters Update - July 2015 Part I

Population awareness

We have published a briefing on the manifestos of the political parties in the 2015 United Kingdom general election in relation to environment and population policies.

Pope Francis

The Pope has issued an encyclical calling on the world to take action on climate change, but has not addressed population effectively or accepted modern family planning.

The Population Institute has compiled information about the 20 countries that face the greatest challenges posed by rapid population growth.

The United Nations’ biennial global population estimates and projections are expected on July 22nd.

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Family planning & women's rights

We have produced a briefing on UK contraceptive choices that provides information about variations across population subgroups and improving outcomes.

A young woman at risk of unintended pregnancy

Governments have an obligation to align national policies on sexual health with human rights laws, the World Health Organization states in a new paper.

Marie Stopes, one of the largest international family planning organizations, will shortly be marking its 100 millionth client since its founding in 1925.

The UK medical journal The Lancet has called for sex and relationship education to become compulsory in schools in order to address current inadequacies.

Amnesty International states in a new paper drawing on personal testimonies and international legal guidelines that Ireland’s abortion law is in violation of human rights.

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Environmental conservation

New NASA satellite imagery has shown that human activity has placed a third of the world’s groundwater basins in jeopardy.

An animal searches for sustenance on arid ground

Scientists have revealed that humans are creating a sixth mass extinction akin to the one that wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs.

A new report drawing on global evidence indicates that there are significant benefits associated with integrated population, health and environment projects.

The number of homes being approved on greenbelt land in the UK has increased fivefold during the past five years. Greenbelt policies aim to preserve the open countryside surrounding cities, and this encroachment undermines efforts to curb urban sprawl.

As many as 29,000 deaths annually in the UK are attributed to pollution. The government has been criticized for failing to take sufficient action.

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Sustainable lifestyles

One Hundred Global Monitoring Indicators and suggestions for Complementary National Indicators have been published as a monitoring framework for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

A young farmer in a drought

Insurers must take preventive action to increase the security of global food systems and avoid damaging social and economic impacts, according to Lloyd’s of London.

California governor Jerry Brown has ordered the largest cut of farmers’ water use in the state’s history in response to a drought which is now in its fourth year.

The author of One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child recently discussed the benefits of smaller families.

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