Population Matters Update - Part II

Population awareness

Our recently-updated Overshoot Index indicates that more than 100 countries are consuming more resources than they can produce renewably.

Global Population Speak Out

We are supporting Global Population Speak Out, a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of the problems caused by our growing population.

Yemen's civil war is fuelled by one of the world's fastest-growing populations, rising from four million in 1950 to 25 million today (select Yemen from this list on the UNESA website to view its population data).

A third of primary schools in England are expected to have insufficient places by September 2016 due to rising pupil numbers.

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Family planning & women's rights

Jane Austen

Historically, women can be judged wanting if they do not bear children, but many of the women who have contributed most to society have not had a child.

Family Planning 2020 has launched a new global knowledge platform to inform, inspire and connect family planning advocates.

More United States teens are using long-acting reversible contraception.

A survey conducted late last year showed that over 90 per cent of school leaders in the United Kingdom believe that sex and relationships education should start between five and 11 years of age.

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Environmental conservation

Child holding unsafe drinking water

As populations rise, water shortages will increase. The United Nations is projecting a 40 per cent shortfall globally by 2030, with North Africa and the Arabian peninsula most affected.

California is currently planning mandatory water-use restrictions due to a persistent drought.

Approximately 27,000 square kilometers of Western Canada are covered by glaciers, but 95 per cent of them could be lost by 2100 due to rising temperatures.

In the United Kingdom, planned housing on supposedly-protected countryside surrounding cities is rising.

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Sustainable lifestyles

Conflict between the environment and demand for food and energy is shown in the planting in the United States of seven million acres of natural grassland with biofuels in just four years.

Biofuel crops

With economic growth leading to rising energy use, is continued economic growth unsustainable?

Join Population Matters on 17 June for the United Kingdom’s biggest-ever climate change rally. Contact us for details.

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