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UK supplementary sex education launched

UK supplementary sex education launched

SRE for the 21st Century – Advice for schools

Three of the country’s leading experts in Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) have launched Supplementary Advice (28 February 2014) to complement the Government’s statutory guidance on SRE, and to support teachers in improving the delivery of the topic in schools.

Brook, the PSHE Association and the Sex Education Forum collaborated on the production of the advice, which provides information to teachers on topics that are missing from current Guidance published in 2000, including issues about pornography, the safe use of technology, sexual consent, violence and exploitation.

The Supplementary Advice is supported by the DfE and a range of other government, education and voluntary sector stakeholders including many of the core members of the Sex Education Forum (listed below). The three organisations that have produced the advice, all of which have campaigned for SRE for many years, decided to act as a coalition and resource the work themselves.

The supplementary advice

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