Population Matters

UK transport projections…

UK transport projections…

2.3 Our national networks are already under considerable pressure.
On the road network, it is estimated that in 2010 around 16% of all
travel time was spent delayed in traffic.4 On the rail network,
overall crowding on London and South East rail services across
the morning and afternoon peaks on a typical weekday in autumn
2012 was 3.0%, with the worst performing operator’s services
experiencing 7.1% of passengers in excess of capacity.5

2.4 Increases in economic prosperity and population will increase the
pressure on our networks even further. Under central forecasts,
road traffic is forecast to increase by 30% by 2030 and rail
journeys by 40%, while rail freight has the potential to nearly
double.6 Even under low demand scenarios, traffic is forecast to
grow by 26% and rail journeys by 36%. Without action, congestion
and crowding will constrain the economy and reduce quality of life.

Draft National Policy Statement on the National Road and Rail Networks, Department for Transport

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