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Better UK sex education initiative announced

Better UK sex education initiative announced

The Sex Education Forum is pleased to announce (16 January 2014) that we are working with Brook and the PSHE Association to jointly produce advice aimed at helping schools to bring their sex and relationships education (SRE) into the 21st Century. Our new advice will supplement the government’s existing statutory guidance on the subject.

This announcement follows months of campaigning with our members for an update to the government SRE guidance, during which we have been joined in our calls for action by four teaching unions, Ofsted and the Office of the Children’s Commissioner. The consensus in support of better SRE has never been clearer.

The new advice document will explain how schools can address contemporary sex and relationships issues that have emerged because of concerns about sexual exploitation and technological change and will set the standard for teaching that is inclusive of all pupils.

Jane Lees, Chair of the Sex Education Forum said:

“It has become clear that the government will not update their SRE guidance so we have decided to work collaboratively to address the gap. We will continue to call for a full update of the government SRE guidance as it is a key document to which all schools must legally have ‘due regard’.”

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