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UK natural change above EU total

UK natural change above EU total

Britain’s continuing population growth threatens our future prosperity.

The number of people in the UK grew by more than that in any other EU country in the last year, according to the latest data from the EU. We had the second largest number of live births, over 800,000, and just below that of France, and the second largest excess of births over deaths (natural change), over 240,000, again just below that of France. These positions were due to Britain’s relatively high fertility rate rather than a particularly low mortality rate. With this natural change being negative in some countries, the UK’s natural change was higher than that for the EU as a whole. Add in net migration (the excess of immigration over emigration) of almost 150,000, and Britain’s overall growth in the last twelve months was almost 400,000, over one third that for the EU as a whole.

Commented Simon Ross, chief executive of Population Matters, “The cause of our rising cost of living is staring us in the face. Rising numbers and hence demand is putting pressure on limited resource supply, from housing and transport to energy and even water. The cost of the enormous infrastructure projects being added to all of our bills is ultimately due to this population growth.

Rising numbers also affect our quality of life, from easy access to health and education to cramped house sizes and easy access to playing fields and green belt land.

We urge politicians to continue to bear down on net migration but also to take steps to promote smaller families.”

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