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UK election manifesto issued

UK election manifesto issued

Population Matters, a leading international population concern group, today issues its manifesto for the 2015 United Kingdom general election. It calls for government action to slow and reverse United Kingdom population growth and encourage similar action globally.

United Kingdom Parliament

The manifesto calls on the United Kingdom government to:

  • promote the benefits of small families to parents, children and society at large, thereby furthering reproductive health and responsible relationships
  • make sex and relationships education a statutory part of the school curriculum;
  • make reducing unplanned pregnancy at all ages a goal;
  • not provide child-related payments or tax reliefs after the first two children in a household, for children conceived after the policy comes into force, while ensuring that children are protected from poverty;
  • prevent net migration from fuelling national population growth; and
  • increase the proportion of foreign aid spent on family planning services and the empowerment of women.

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Population growth means ever more houses, power stations, roads, reservoirs, hospitals, schools, etc. must be built, staffed and maintained. This continuous infrastructure expansion comes at a great cost to taxpayers while bringing no improvement to people’s lives — it’s simply about keeping up with population growth.

The cost of living, the national debt and social tensions are increasing; employment opportunities for young people, green spaces and quality of life are decreasing. Policies to make population environmentally, economically and fiscally sustainable are badly needed.

“The ever increasing size of the population of the United Kingdom is increasing the cost of living and reducing the quality of life,” said Simon Ross, chief executive of Population Matters. “Population growth is damaging both the environment and national security. At some point, the political parties will have to start talking about population — now is the right time to start.”

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