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UK companies exclusively run by white men

UK companies exclusively run by white men

Britain’s biggest companies have been warned that they are missing out on business opportunities because of the “diversity deficit” at the top of their organisations, where only a handful of senior roles are held by women or ethnic minorities.

A new analysis into the 100 top individuals at each of the 100 largest UK companies found that only three of the chairmen (there is only one woman chair in the FTSE 100) were not white, all but five chief executives were white and all but two of the finance directors were white.


According to the Green Park study, a dozen women were found among the 289 people holding the positions of chair, chief executive or finance director, while just 10 positions at this level were held by people from ethnic minorities. In the next layer down, the top 20 roles at each firm including non-executive directors, non-whites represent 5.1% of roles. While in the next layer, the top 100, the proportion of non-whites is 6.2%, which the report said did “not hold out much promise of improvement at the higher levels in the near future”.

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