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UK approves major renewable energy projects

UK approves major renewable energy projects

The UK government has agreed deals to financially support eight major new renewable energy projects which between them will power millions of homes.

Five of the schemes are offshore windfarms, which the Conservative party plans to back in its general election over cheaper but more controversial onshore wind power.

The projects will create 8,500 jobs and add 4.5GW of electricity capacity to the national grid, around 4% of the UK’s generating capacity, or enough to power more than 3m homes. The projects were worth up to £12bn in private sector investment, the government said.

Ed Davey, the energy and climate secretary, said: “These contracts for major renewable electricity projects mark a new stage in Britain’s green energy investment boom. By themselves they will bring green jobs and growth across the UK, but they are a significant part of our efforts to give Britain cleaner and more secure energy.”

“These are the first investments from our reforms to build the world’s first low carbon electricity market – reforms which will see competition and markets attract tens of billions of pounds of vital energy investment whilst reducing the costs of clean energy to consumers.”

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