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Uganda: Population explosion

Uganda: Population explosion

As Uganda’s population continues to expand, there does not seem to be an agreement between population experts and politicians about the need to put a brake on it.

However, the population experts though not entirely counting on the support of the politicians, are encouraged by the manner Ugandans appear to be buying in on their proposals to keep the population in check.

That is why Esperance Fundira, the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) country representative, said she was awed by the turn up at the launch of the 13th State of Uganda Population Report in Kampala recently. “I have worked for UNFPA for 24 years; it is my first time to see so many people attend the launch of the national population report. This is a very promising approach in Uganda,” Fundira said. She said that the future of the country in terms of socio economic transformation lies in addressing the interests of special groups especially girls.

“The future of Uganda especially when we talk about social transformation will be greatly determined by the way we address the pressing needs of special interest groups – particularly those of adolescent girls because they hold the key to a Uganda without poverty,” she added.

The report titled, Population and Social Transformation: Addressing the Needs of Special Interest Group, defines special interest groups as people living with HIV/AIDS, Internally Displaced Persons, refugees, people with disabilities, women, the elderly, orphans and vulnerable children.

Though not entirely agreeing with the need to reduce population growth, Matia Kasaija, the state minister for Planning, concurred with the suggestion that there is need for an immediate solution to the high levels of teenage pregnancy.

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