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Local Groups

Local Groups

Our local groups in the United Kingdom, which are listed below in geographical order from north to south, promote population concern and sustainability within their communities. If you would like to be put in touch with your nearest local group or start one in your area, get in touch.

In addition to Local Groups we also have Local Active Members. These are members who are happy to act as a point of contact and talk about population and Population Matters. Some carry out LG activities when the opportunity arises, such as reaching out to local politicians and people at meetings of all types, sending letters to newspapers, reaching out to local radio stations etc. If there is enough support Local Active Members could expand into a Local Group. We have Local Active Members for Colchester, Fareham/Gosport, Lincoln and Cambridge. If you’d like to be put in contact, get in touch


The Scotland group, which was formed in 2009, holds meetings, staffs stalls at events, provides speakers and keeps its members informed about population issues relating to Scotland. The high point to date has been a conference on population matters in Scotland, which was held at the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.

Contact: scotlandgroup@populationmatters.org

South Cumbria and North Lancashire

The South Cumbria and North Lancashire group, which was formed in February 2013, meets every three months to discuss population issues and decide on what actions to take. New members and guests are welcome — the catchment area is principally the LA postcode area, but people from further afield are invited to join as well.

Contact: southcumbriagroup@populationmatters.org


The Newcastle group was formed in 2016 and while it’s still in its infancy, we are trying to increase our local membership and get many people from various walks of life involved. We are currently focusing on educating young people, getting involved with University societies and gaining support from the medical profession. People from the North-East generally should feel free to enquire about joining.

Greater Manchester and Merseyside

Do you live near Manchester or Merseyside and care deeply about the future of our planet?  Maybe you are a member of a ‘green’ or animal welfare organisation?   Population Matters Greater Manchester group, alongside Merseyside, is looking to expand its active members who would like to get involved in participating in local events and opportunities that can help raise political, media and public awareness of the many environmental challenges linked to unsustainable population growth and our children’s future.


The London Group provides a forum for members in and around London to meet and to collaborate in promoting the aims of Population Matters.

Meetings, usually with speakers, are held every two months in central London, normally on a Saturday afternoon.

Members also have the opportunity to join in with publicity events to increase public awareness of Population Matters and the impact of population pressures on societies and the planet.

Southeast Suffolk and Northeast Essex

The Southeast Suffolk and Northeast Essex group focuses on giving presentations, running stalls at Green Fairs, writing to the regional press and appearing on local radio.

Contact: enquiries@populationmatters.org 


The Oxford group, which was founded in April 2010, meets every 10 weeks. Several of the members do work particularly relevant to population-related matters — including Population Matters patron John Guillebaud.

Contact: oxfordgroup@populationmatters.org


The Hertfordshire group first met in November 2012 and has been meeting regularly in the Saint Albans area since then. The meetings are lively and interesting — the group debates the issues and how best to put them across to other people. The group takes out stalls at local festivals to spread the word.

Contact: hertsgroup@populationmatters.org

High Wycombe

The High Wycombe group meets a few times annually in the Friends Meeting House. The group welcomes new members, ideas and input into its campaigns. Focus is on showing films and presentations to the general public as a means to promote family planning services worldwide. We also work closely with other local environmental organizations.


The Reading group held its first meeting in February 2014 and meets every other month. The aim of the group is to promote greater awareness and understanding of population and sustainability within the RG postcode area.

Environmental activists

The group works alongside the Greater Reading Environmental Network and seeks to engage with its members as well as other community and voluntary organizations in the district. The Reading group also provides speakers for secondary schools. In addition, it is active in writing letters to local papers and communicating with the MP and Town Councillors about population and related matters such as the continuing need for ever more housing, schools and roads and the problems of dealing with flooding, traffic congestion and overstretched local resources.

Contact: readinggroup@populationmatters.org


Local group membersThe Guildford group aims to spread the word about population issues by making the best use of our contacts in voluntary organizations such as Rotary and Zonta, schools & colleges, business organizations and NGOs such as the Green Party, CPRE and Transition Network. The group has a track record of providing speakers for meetings with an audience size ranging from a handful of people to a hall full of A-level students. Group members also speak at fairs and other public events at which they try to focus on local issues to make their presentations relevant to local people.

The Guildford group welcomes PM members from across the GU postcode area, which covers Bracknell (Berks) down to Petersfield (Hants) and Alton across to the eastern side of Guildford.

Contact: guildfordgroup@populationmatters.org 


The Winchester group, founded in 2011, meets every three months. The group has approximately 30 members, including some very active letter writers — local papers seem receptive to comments on articles related to population. The group also holds public meetings at which speaker training is offered, staffs stands at local fairs and distributes leaflets.

Contact: hampshiregroup@populationmatters.org

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