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Volunteer & intern awards & testimonials

Volunteer & intern awards & testimonials


Jack Parsons Memorial Award

Jack Parsons was a founding member and strong supporter of our organization. In his memory, Population Matters established the Jack Parsons Memorial Award to recognise members who have made a significant contribution to our activity.

2016 – Jane Blank, Education Group Coordinator and Jeremy Randles, Facebook Administrator
2015 – Mike Wheeler, local groups facilitator
2014 – Chris Padley, manager of our letter writers group
2013 – Jethro Johnson, Newswatch editor
2012 – David Hepper, local group facilitator
2011 – Bill Partridge, editor of our Magazine

Jack Parsons Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to those members who have contributed to the organization over many years.

2016 – Martin Desvaux, board member and theorist
2015 – John Guillebaud, chair and patron
2014 – Edmund Davey, chair and local group coordinator
2013 – Andrew Ferguson, founder and editor of our Journal
2012 – Val Stevens, chair
2011 – Yvette Willey, treasurer and membership administrator

Local Group Coordinator of the Year

2016 – Helen Haran

Local Group Member of the Year

2016 – Alison Hull

Intern testimonials

“I have really enjoyed working for Population Matters. It has allowed me to develop many valuable skills in a relatively short period of time, whilst thinking and learning about the challenges mankind faces. Simon, the Chief Executive, has continuously encouraged me to learn new things. I have always appreciated his feedback and the fact that he had a lot of confidence in my abilities. Working for Population Matters has been a good first career step for me and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain experience of working with an NGO.”
— Elisabeth, 2016

“I want to say thanks for everything over the last year. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you and Population Matters.”
— Amro, 2016

“I have very much appreciated my experience with Population Matters, and I have gained knowledge and understanding of how population is key for the future.”
— Hanae, 2016

“Working as a Coordinator for Population Matters has given me valuable experience in writing for a popular audience and working remotely, but best of all an excuse to read and think about fascinating issues affecting the environment and humanity’s long-term future. The message Population Matters advocates for is needed but often neglected, making the opportunity to be involved in spreading it all the more satisfying.”
— Luke, 2016

“I have really enjoyed being part of the Population Matters team! As an Environmental Campaigns Coordinator I was able to develop a range of useful skills that have helped me grow both professionally and personally. During my time with Population Matters I produced research briefings, attended meetings with NGOs and parliamentary coalitions and organised events in Paris and London. The direct support I received from Simon, the Chief Executive, and fellow interns and colleagues was invaluable in helping me make the most of this experience. I would recommend interning with Population Matters to anyone who wants to gain hands-on experience of working with an NGO.”
— Isabella, 2016

“My time working with Population Matters has influenced and bettered my work skills and ethics in so many ways. As a Coordinator, you learn both how to work independently but also with a very skilled team. I was constantly challenged to think creatively about what is required of an organisation focused on education and advocacy. Population Matters is, then, not only a great place to work and challenge yourself, but a great place to meet talented and motivated persons.”
— Kristin, 2016

“Working with Population Matters was an extremely interesting way to learn about the work being done to empower women and protect the environment in the United Kingdom and around the world. During my time with Population Matters, I worked both on research and communications, which allowed me to hone my research, writing, presentation and strategic communications skills. This role enables you to interact with a diverse group of people — from passionate volunteers to leaders of charities and NGOs. The flexible work-from-home arrangement makes this a great role for a student with an unpredictable schedule. The Chief Executive goes out of his way to ensure you’re working on topics that are interesting to you and will help you develop professionally in your area of interest, which is a real treat.”
— Katie, 2015

“I had a positive experience working as part of the coordinator team. My focus was member recruitment, for which I undertook research projects, liaised with internal and external stakeholders and coordinated campaigns and events. I especially enjoyed exploring options for diversifying our appeal to new audiences. I was excited to contribute to the development of a charity that is growing in reach and influence.

“The chief exec was supportive and always took time to listen to my input no matter how busy he was. He allowed me to take ownership of projects and always helped when necessary.

“I enjoyed liaising with the other people at Population Matters.

“I would recommend an intern position at Population Matters to anyone who wants to contribute to a good cause, develop skills, work autonomously and flexibly, network within the sector and learn more about sustainability issues.”
— Maddy, 2015

“Working for Population Matters was a fantastically varied experience. I wrote research briefings, organized events, managed resources and attended meetings on communications and strategy. Working remotely and flexibly allowed me to do as much as I could while fulfilling other commitments. It was nice to know advice or support was only an email away. Even as an intern my voice was well and truly heard with several of my ideas and research findings taken to the highest level. There’s a real chance to see your hard work pay off. The diversity and breadth of experience was not only interesting but has been a fantastic addition to my CV. If there was something I particularly wanted to explore like climate change or women’s rights I was always able to do that.”
— Sam, 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed working as a Campaign Coordinator with Population Matters. Not only did I learn about the central role that unsustainable population growth plays in contributing to global development challenges, but also developed my project management, organisational and networking skills. Population Matters’ Chief Executive, Simon Ross, consistently encouraged me to take on different types of tasks, which assisted me in developing different skills that I am confident will be beneficial throughout my career. Working with Population Matters enabled me to engage with people who are passionate about similar causes in a variety of settings from formal meetings with Parliamentarians or representatives from other charities to more informal meetings at festivals and other events. I would definitely recommend Population Matters to anyone looking to gain experience with a growing, influential charity.”
— Elizabeth, 2015

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