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Join or volunteer

We depend on our members and supporters. Your vital support will enable us to continue our campaigning, lobbying, education and research activities, and helps move population up the public agenda. Members receive a welcome pack, our magazine, and invitations to take part in volunteering, group activities and our annual conference. Active members may apply to become guarantor members, which entitles them to a vote at our Annual General Meetings.

Membership options

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  • Membership is free for under-19 year olds or those in non-OECD member countries (periodicals by email). Contact us with your name, email and postal address and (if relevant) date of birth.
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Other options

You may instead send a cheque along with our print form to our office address,
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Why join?

Population numbers affect everyone’s well-being, other species and humanity’s future. 

  • We promote smaller families at home and abroad.
  • We publish research reports on the links between population numbers and resource security.
  • We develop materials on population and sustainability for teachers and others.
  • We lobby governments and international institutions by attending events and responding to consultations. We staff stalls, speak at fringe meetings and provide briefings.
  • We ask civil society to recognize that population size matters to the causes they promote.
  • We form local groups to raise awareness of population and sustainability, and support them with advice and materials.

View information about our fundraising standards and complaints policy.

Current and recent campaigns

  • UK elections — We are inviting supporters to contact their local election candidates and ask them to support policies that foster population stabilisation.
  • Public health cuts — We are campaigning against the UK Government’s decision to cut £200 million from this year’s public health grant, which includes sexual health.We believe that sex and relationships education should be mandatory in schools
  • Mandatory sex education — We believe that sex and relationships education should be mandatory in schools.
  • Ten per cent of international aid for family planning — We believe that access to family planning services is fundamental to slowing and reversing unsustainable population growth.
  • Subnational population projections for England — We are raising awareness of the level and impact of projected population growth in regions across England.


We welcome your involvement in our activities. From contributing to our research or writing articles for our magazine or journal, to helping with organization or events, there is a valuable role you can play. Whatever time and skills you have to offer, do get in touch. Those interested should first take out membership. We make awards to volunteers who make a particularly significant contribution. Our discussion, area and other groups contribute to our research, educational and advocacy activities on population and sustainability issues.

Online discussion

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Education and letter-writers’ groups

Our education group provides schools with speakers and other resources. Our letter-writers’ group shares information on and approaches to campaigning on population issues in the media.

Local and interest groups

Our local groups in the United Kingdom promote population concern and sustainability within their communities.

DoctorIf you work in family planning, education or another profession or sector and would like to link up with others in your field, let us know.

If you are active in an environmental, faith or political organization and would like to connect with others promoting population in such organizations, get in touch.