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As a UK-registered charity, we feel it is essential that Britain leads the way on population issues, by adopting a fair and compassionate Sustainable Population Policy. Our ambition is for at least one major political party to include the policy in their next published manifesto.

But we can’t do it without your support.

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Crowds of people

Securing political action is an ambitious target for an organisation of our size and resources, but with the backing of our members and donors, we are confident that it is achievable. Please show your support for a Sustainable Population Policy in the UK by making a donation towards our campaign.

The current British political landscape provides the ideal opportunity for the country to address population strategically, coherently, and effectively. The benefits to the country would be extensive; it would help provide a better quality of life for future generations and help address the UK’s beleaguered public services, creaking infrastructure, unsustainable CO2 emissions and declining natural environment. Every government department would be better able to plan and manage resources; we are already in talks with Michael Gove’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs team following the publication of its 25-year Environmental Plan.

Please donate whatever you can towards the £15,000 it will cost Population Matters to publish a White Paper and lobby all major political parties on the issue.

We are putting careful planning in place now to ensure that our work will deliver real value to our supporters:

  • A public opinion poll will ensure that we demonstrate a broad range of public support – and capture views on the UK’s domestic population growth, and its impacts, from people from all walks of life and political allegiance
  • Drawing on further research and evidence, our published proposal will be promoted to parties across the political spectrum and circulated to the media and the general public
  • Experts will provide advice before we lobby for face-to-face meetings with politicians, and others who carry influence. This may include Population Matters having a presence at several of the annual political party conferences in early-Autumn 2018

Thinking globally, acting locally

Signing contractA sustainable global population means communities, governments and organisations across the globe recognising, and taking action against, problems such as climate change which are driven and exacerbated by a growing human population. We will publicise and promote our UK approach to like-minded organisations internationally, with the ultimate objective for every country to have a Sustainable Population Policy. In parallel, we are working with global partners to lobby the United Nations to develop a UN Global Framework Convention on Population – similar to the one for climate change.

Lobbying politicians and engaging the media are core activities for Population Matters, so we aim to build on some strong existing relationships during this campaign. However, this concentrated focus is a step-change for the organisation, and it simply cannot be done without the support and generosity of people like you.

Please help us make a Sustainable Population Policy in the UK a reality by making a donation to this special appeal.

  • £10 would help us develop a public opinion poll to solicit the views of the British people
  • £25 would help to research, create, publish and distribute a White Paper policy statement
  • £100 would enable us to engage the media and directly lobby politicians on the issue
Donate to the appeal

Click here to donate, or send a cheque made payable to ‘Population Matters’ with your name and address on the back to Sustainable Population Policy, Population Matters, 135-137 Station Road, London, E4 6AG.

Thank you for your support.

All donations received from this appeal will be spent achieving Population Matters’ goals, be that in the UK or globally. Wherever it will be most effective, that is where it will be spent.

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