Population Matters

Offset impact

Offset impact

We all have an impact on the environment, and we have a duty to minimise it, but some impact is inevitable.


PopOffsets, an initiative of Population Matters, enables individuals and organizations to offset part or all of their carbon footprint and other environmental impacts by funding family planning and related activities in both developed and developing countries.

The link between the world’s ever-growing population and environmental degradation is beyond dispute, and most people understand that rising carbon emissions are changing the climate.

Investing in family planning is a highly cost-effective and long-acting way of reducing global warming and other damage to the environment, far more economical and effective than technological “fixes” like dams or similar schemes. Partners whose projects have been supported by PopOffsets include CHASE Africa and PHE Ethiopia.

Offset your carbon emissions and other impacts by funding family planning projects in both developed and developing countries: donate to PopOffsets.

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