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Leave a legacy

Leave a legacy

A future where nature and people flourish is a future we all want for generations to come.A future where nature and people flourish is a future we all want for generations to come. But one critical factor remains neglected by policy makers and the general public: population. Achieving a sustainable future largely rests on our numbers, and we are campaigning to bring them in harmony with nature before it’s too late. Is this a legacy you’d like to be part of?

Today’s youth can expect to live in a world of 10 billion by 2085 — a serious threat to ecological integrity, peace and prosperity. Population Matters is the only UK charity campaigning to change this.

Leaving a gift in your will is a critical way to make our campaign as influential as possible, so that generations to come can benefit from our efforts towards a sustainable world population.

The impact of your legacy

Legacy gifts are critical to our work, comprising almost 10 per cent of our donations. Without these precious gifts, our campaign would not have achieved so many successes since its humble origins 25 years ago. These successes include reaching an international membership base of over 3000, launching local groups and speaker series throughout the UK, and reaching 140 pieces of media coverage in national and local media sources. Together, we are addressing the critical omission of population growth in the awareness of policy makers and the general public.

With your help, we can continue expanding our campaign more effectively, and with greater confidence, into the future.

If you’d like to know more…

To learn more about how leaving a legacy gift could take our campaign for smaller family sizes and sustainable consumption to the next level, see our legacies brochure (PDF).

To speak to someone at Population Matters about leaving a gift in your will, please call 020 8123 9116 or contact us at supporters@populationmatters.org.

Why John decided to leave a gift to Population Matters in his will:

“In my lifetime alone the population of the world has increased threefold. The future looks bleak, with countries increasingly likely to fight over declining finite resources of land, water and minerals. In the United Kingdom, the population has grown over 30 per cent; the effects in terms of urban blight and sprawl are apparent everywhere. If one’s life is to have any meaning it should be devoted to leaving some benefit, however small. That is why I shall leave a bequest to Population Matters and why I urge others to do the same.”

 – John C., Suffolk, Population Matters Supporter

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