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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday

Our 25th anniversary is a time to reflect on how far we’ve come, and to galvanize renewed energy and focus for the campaign challenges ahead. With your help, we’ve now grown our membership to over 3000, reached over 2,000,000 through our ads and videos, funded family planning projects around the world, and have been featured in over 140 news articles.

That said, we still live in a world where 222 million women face an unmet need for family planning, 40% of pregnancies worldwide are unwanted, and our global population is projected to reach 10 billion by 2050.

Here is a list of ways you can make an impact this #givingtuesday and improve the impact of our campaign to address these issues and more for the next 25 years.

Balance out your consumption this holiday season by giving a donation  

£5 can help us promote our message through advertising our website or Facebook pages

£10 can help cover the costs of researching and producing expert briefings for politicians and policymakers

£30 can send one of our school speakers to a school to educate students about the links between population and sustainability

£50 can help to send one of our recruitment coordinators to a university freshers fair or green fair to reach receptive audiences, inform young people about our work and motivate the next generation of population & sustainability campaigners

Save on solicitor fees using Will Aid this November and make a bequest gift

Each November, you can use a local solicitor who has signed up to Will Aid and you can enjoy the added feel-good factor of supporting nine leading UK charities. Instead of paying your solicitor’s fee, you will be invited to make a donation to charity. The suggested voluntary donation is £95 for a basic Will or £150 for a pair of basic mirror Wills. For more details, see: www.willaid.org.uk

Buy a seasonal gift for a friend or family from our shop

Our shop offers a range of sustainable sourced items, including gift cards, clothing, and accessories.

Hand out 25 leaflets to 25 doors to promote our cause

Help us celebrate our 25 anniversary by putting at least 25 leaflets through 25 doors near you! As a big thank you, if anyone joins in your area following your leafleting, we will offer you as a reward your choice of either Global Population Speak Out’s sumptuously illustrated and well-reviewed ‘coffee table’ book, OVERDEVELOPMENT, OVERPOPULATION, OVERSHOOT or one of our range of stylishly designed premium t-shirts.

Contact tessa.dickinson@populationmatters.org with your name, address, and the number of leaflets you’d like.

Join a local group, or start a new one in your area

We currently have nine local groups throughout the UK. Local Groups participate in local campaigns to promote smaller family sizes and mindful consumption in their regions. To learn more about joining a local group, or starting your own, contact Mike.

 Share Population Matters on Facebook or Twitter

Share Population Matters with your social networks and promote the cause of smaller family sizes and mindful consumption with the click of a button!

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twitter_logo_white_on_blueNeed help on how to make the most of #givingtuesday?

Contact jonathan.walker@populationmatters.org for ways we can help you.

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