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Show the love with a small family

Show the love with a small family

Valentine’s Day is when we think about what we love and who we love. At Population Matters, we care deeply about people, planet and the other living beings we share it with. That is what moves us to act. For increasing numbers of people today, choosing a small family comes from a place of love.

Small families are key to helping us achieve a future with decent living standards for all, a healthy and biodiverse environment, and a stable and sustainable population size.

It is time to show the love, for our home and ourselves, with smaller families.

PM director Robin Maynard speaking to the public about the Anthropocene @roxeneandersonphotography

What our world needs now…

Our impact on the planet is huge and a consequence of our technology, how and what we consume, and our total numbers.

The world has changed dramatically in the past 100 years. Thanks to advances in science, medicine and social justice people are living longer and child mortality rates continue to fall. These are huge victories. But these advances have contributed to unsustainable population growth that comes at a great cost to our planet’s health, and our own – and that of our children.

Among the many consequences of our numbers and what we do are climate change and the 6th mass extinction (mass loss of species and biodiversity).

Many people are now recognising that we need to change the way we think and the way we act, to reflect the situation we find ourselves in today. This will be key to our success in surviving as a species and protecting what we love – our children and planet.

Love and smaller families

Choosing to have a small family is one of the most loving acts we can take to secure a better future.  For people living over-consuming lifestyles in industrialised

Credit: Seth Wynes/Kimberly Nicholas, Environmental Research Letters, 2017

countries, having one fewer child is the most effective action they can take to reduce their impact on climate change. For those living in the Global South, smaller families help families, communities and nations escape poverty.

In many parts of the world, smaller families come about as a consequence of the empowerment and education of girls and women, leading to more equal, educated and fairer societies.

Everywhere, smaller families reduce human impact on the environment.

By choosing to have one fewer child we remove the pressures rapid population growth places on our planet’s saturated systems. We can effect positive change in just a few generations and at very little cost.

Making a choice

For many choosing a small family is a conscious, caring response to our current circumstances that comes from understanding one’s impact, responsibility and ability to effect positive change.

Acting from a place of love in this day and age, means choosing a low impact lifestyle. Small families help us do this (and can bring other benefits besides). They are key to sustainable lifestyles. More and more people are making this choice, for others and the environment.

Take action

Population Matters raises awareness of the positive impacts that smaller families have on people and planet. We work to ensure everyone understands our collective need to talk about the benefits of smaller families, understand the barriers to better remove them, and support all individuals in exercising this choice, which is a fundamental right.

For more information on the benefits of small families and how you can help, please visit our Smaller Families page. We produced a short video Small Families, Small Planet on the subject which you can view here. Please share it to help us raise awareness.

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