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Sexism daily reality for UK girls

Sexism daily reality for UK girls

Sexism is so widespread in the UK it affects “most aspects” of the lives of girls and young women, a report from Girlguiding UK says.

“Sexual harassment is commonplace, girls’ appearance is intensively scrutinised and their abilities are undermined”, says the report.

The report Equality for Girls is based on a survey of more than 1,200 girls and young women aged seven to 21.

Girlguiding UK chief executive Julie Bentley called it a “wake-up call”.

“This cannot be dismissed as something that girls and young women just have to deal with as they grow up,” she said.

Girls needed to live in an equal society if they were to flourish and fulfil their potential to be leaders in all walks of life, added Ms Bentley.

The survey of a representative sample of girls and young women, both Guides and non-Guides, gives “a disturbing insight into the state of equality for girls in the UK”, says Girlguiding UK, which has more than half a million members.

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