Population Matters

Sustainability insights

Sustainability insights

Insights into population sustainability issuesThese papers cover issues relevant to population sustainability, giving more information than our issues & solutions webpages but still accessible to readers without previous knowledge.

This index page can be used to navigate between topics and obtain a view of how the various pieces of the population sustainability jigsaw fit together. We hope this will also prompt dialogue between experts in different specialisms, thereby catalysing development of population sustainability as a discipline in its own right.

Sustainability Insights Index

Ageing populations
Biocapacity and ecological footprint
Carrying capacity
Climate change
Contraception and lack of reproductive health
Current population trends
Ecosystems and biodiversity
Human population history
New economics
Personal contribution to sustainability
Rights and responsibilities
Space and amenities
Sustainability and the Ehrlich equation
Sustainable consumption (affluence)
Sustainable technology
Sustainable technology: cornflake example
What things are made of
Women’s rights

Note: The Sustainability Insights collection is a “work in progress”; we aim to add to the list of topics as the collection expands and evolves.

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