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Population Matters Magazine

Population Matters Magazine

Members receive our semiannual Population Matters Magazine, featuring analysis, news, reviews, letters and articles of a less technical or academic nature. To find out how to submit to the magazine, see below.

All back issues are listed below.

2018:  Spring

2017:  Spring  •  Autumn

2016:  Spring  •  Autumn

2015:  February  •  August

2014:  February  •  August

2013:  February  •  August

2012:  February  •  August

2011:  February  •  August

Submitting to Population Matters

Population Matters welcomes material to be considered for inclusion, including articles, reviews and letters. We do not necessarily endorse contributions nor guarantee their accuracy.

Subjects may include the causes and consequences of, and cures for, unsustainable human population and consumption levels. Submissions should
be in Word or equivalent and be accompanied by a brief description of the writer. Publication titles should be shown in italics and a single space used after full-stops. Copy deadlines are 30 June and 20 December and a maximum of 500 words per contribution is requested.

Submissions may be edited and the editor’s decision is final. Please note that it may not be possible to include all submissions.

Please send submissions or make enquiries about submitting to enquiries@populationmatters.org

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