Population Matters

Datasets & infographics

Datasets & infographics

A range of Population Matters graphs and infographics can be found here. These can be used freely for education, presentations, websites or social media.

You can also find more graphs and charts about population growth on our Graphs, stats and projections page, including original United Nations materials.

Other organisations providing detailed information are listed below.

Population only

BBC – British population animation
BBC – What’s my number?
CIESIN – Gridded Population of the World, version 3 (GPWv3) and the Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project, version 1 (GRUMPv1)
DWTKNS – Population density
Jasper Eikelboom – Overpopulation
GeoData Institute – Worldpop
Guardian – How the world population got to seven billion
Guttmacher Institute – Demographic data
INED – Population simulator
INED / UNDESA – Population density infographic
Metrocosm – History of cities
Office for National Statistics – Population theme
Office for National Statistics – Population publication hub
Population Connection – World Population History map
Population Matters – UK population trend
Population Matters / ONS – Subnational projections for England
Population Reference Bureau – World population data
UNDESA – World population data hub
UNFPA – World Population Dashboard
Wittgenstein Centre – Population data explorer
Worldometers – World population

Population and other data

Breathing Earth – Dynamic imagery
CIA – World Factbook
European Commission – Global human settlement
Eurostat – European statistics
Gapminder – Dynamic data comparator
Global Social Change Research Project – Reports
Google – Dynamic data comparator
Met Office – Human Dynamics of Climate Change map
Poodlewaddle – World clock
Population Action International – Mapping population and climate change
Population Matters – Fact pack
Population Matters – Key Facts
Population Reference Bureau – Demographic dividend
WHO – Public health, environmental and social determinants of health (PHE)

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

Countdown 2015 Europe – Sexual and reproductive health and rights factsheets
Family Planning 2020 – Knowledge platform
IPPF – Youth access to family planning
Lloyds Pharmacy – Future of contraception
Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition – Supply promises
UNOHCHR – Sexual and reproductive health and rights


Global Footprint Network – Footprint data
Google – Timelapse satellite images
INRIX – Global congestion scorecard
International Climate Fund – Global calculator
Population Matters – Overshoot index
Sensory Empire – Malthusian clock

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