Population Matters

Briefings & submissions

Briefings & submissions

We provide briefings for and make submissions to governments, political parties and other bodies.


Achievement2015/16: 30 briefings produced


Managing an ageing society, 2016.

Climate change

Population dynamics in mitigating climate change, 2016.
Population and climate change, 2015.
A population-based climate strategy, 2007.
Climate change and population, 2006.


The demographic dividend can accelerate economic growth, 2016.
Family planning: the key to sustainable development, 2016.
Impact of fertility rates on neighbouring country development, 2015.
Millennium development goals, 2015.
Sustainable development goals, 2015.
United Kingdom Department for International Development family planning aid performance, 2015.
Population and the sustainable development goals, 2012.


Global biodiversity and population, 2016.
Envisioning a sustainable society, 2016.
Planetary boundaries and population, 2016.
Population and resource security, 2016.
Natural amenities in the UK, 2016.
Waste in the UK and the world, 2016.
The adverse environmental impact of animal agriculture, 2016.
Energy consumption in the UK and the world, 2016.
Population growth exacerbates flood risk, 2016.
Human population reduction is not a quick fix for environmental problems, 2014.
Why population matters for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, 2014.
Why population matters for Friends of the Earth, 2014.
Why population matters for the Campaign to Protect Rural England, 2014.
Small families produce big green gains, 2009.

Family size and fertility

Why family size varies in England and Wales, 2016.
The financial case for smaller families, 2016.
Asserting family-size choice, 2016.
Teenage pregnancy in England and Wales, 2016.
Ending child poverty in the UK through smaller families, 2016.
The feminist case for smaller families, 2016.
The benefits of smaller families, 2015.

Food, water, land and fisheries

Population and food security, 2016.
Water challenges in the world and the UK, 2016.
Optimistic assumptions required for food sufficiency for 10 billion people by 2050, 2014.


Population growth drives migration, 2016.
The fiscal impact of immigration in the UK, 2015.
The impact of migration on UK population growth, 2011.
Population, environment, migration, 2008.
Desertification and migration, 2006.


Population and the world, 1991–2016, 2016.
The UK in 2050, 2016.
Subnational population projections for England, 2016.
Air pollution and population density, 2016.
How population growth affects UK transport, 2016.
Skills shortages in the UK workforce, 2016.
Why Thomas Malthus is still relevant today, 2016.
How population growth affects poverty reduction, 2015.
World population prospects, 2015.
United Kingdom 2015 general election manifesto summary, 2015.
An ageing and growing United Kingdom population, 2015.
United Kingdom election manifesto, 2014.
United States election manifesto, 2014.
Summary of Population Matters research papers, 2014.
Depopulation dividend, 2014.
Population growth consequences: research summary, 2014.
Why population matters, 2014.
Population and United Kingdom NGOs report and summary, 2014.
A perfect storm approaches, 2014.
Why does population matter, 2013.
If I ruled the world, 2013.
Population matters in Scotland, 2013.
Population and ethics, 2011.
Is there a “right” to have children, 2008.
How many people can live on Earth, 2008.
YouthQuake – population, fertility and environment in the 21st century, 2007.
What kind of population policy should the UK have, 2006.
Why the United Kingdom needs a population policy, 2006.

Quality of life

Is universal basic income sustainable?, 2016.
The cost of living in the UK, 2016.
Public services in the UK: the impact of population growth on education and healthcare, 2016.
High population growth in the UK: the difficulties faced by local authorities, 2016.
The impact of robotics on future societies, 2016.
The social benefits of a falling population, 2016.
Population and the United Kingdom National Health Service, 2015.
Population and housing, 2015.
Population and well-being, 2015.
Population and prosperity, 2015.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

Unintended pregnancy in the United Kingdom, 2015.
Causes of unintended pregnancies in the United Kingdom, 2015.
The effect of public health cuts on sexual and reproductive health in the United Kingdom, 2015.
Emergency contraception in the United Kingdom, 2015.
United Kingdom comparative contraceptive choices, 2015.
European Union family planning assistance, 2014.

Women’s rights

International Day of the Girl Child, 2015.
Women’s and reproductive rights, 2015.

Submissions and statements

Climate Change

2020 Renewable Heat and Transport Targets Inquiry by the Energy and Climate Change Committee, 2016.
Population Growth and Climate Change for COP17, 2011.
Population Growth and Climate Change, 2009.


DFID’s Programme in Nigeria Inquiry by the International Development Committee, 2016.
Global Humanitarian System Inquiry by the International Development Committee, 2015.
Sustainable Development Goals Inquiry by the International Development Committee, 2015.
Synthesis Report on the Post-2015 Development Agenda by the UN Secretary-General, 2014.
Future UK Approach to Development, 2014.
NHS Sustainable Development Strategy, 2013.
Post-2015: CSO Consultation with High-Level Panel, 2013.
UN-NGLS Civil Society Consultation for the Secretary-General, General Assembly and OWG on SDGs, 2013.
Population Dynamics in the Context of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, 2013.
Sustainable Development Indicators Consultation by DEFRA, 2012.
The European Population Alliance to the European Commission on the Sustainable Development Goals, 2012.
Response to Framing Questions on SDGs, 2012.
Submission to UN Commission for Population and Development, 2012.
Submission to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, 2011.


Apprenticeships Inquiry by the Sub-Committee on Education, Skills and the Economy, 2016.
PHSE and SRE in Schools Inquiry by the Education Committee, 2014.
UK National Curriculum Consultation by the Department for Education, 2013.


Environmental Sustainability in the Post-2015 Development Agenda for the UN, 2012.
Planning and Biodiversity Consultation by the Biodiversity APPG, 2012.
Stage 2 Submission to Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, 2010.
Evidence to Royal Society People and Planet Study, 2010.
The Environmental Impacts of Demographic Change for the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, 2009.
Eco-Towns: Living a Greener Future? to the Department for Communities and Local Government, 2008.
Putting population into the policies and practices for the International Ecological Footprint Conference, 2007.
The Sustainable Development Strategy: Illusion or Reality for the Environmental Audit Committee, 2004.

Family size and fertility

Troubled Families – letter to Louise Casey, 2012.

Food, water, lands and fisheries

Food and Nutrition Security in the Post-2015 Development Agenda to the UN, 2012.
Rural Futures Project: Scenario Building for Twenty Year and Fifty Year Futures to DEFRA, 2004.


Prevention of Illegal Working Consultation by the Home Office, 2007.
Migration Advisory Committee Consultation by the Home Office, 2006.
Selective Admission: Making Migration Work for Britain Consultation by the Home Office, 2005.


Demography of Scotland and the Implications for Devolution Inquiry by the Scottish Affairs Committee, 2016.
Population Dynamics in the Post-2015 Development Agenda Consultation by the APPGPDRH, 2014.
Population Dynamics in the Post-2015 Development Agenda Consultation by the UN, 2012.

Quality of life

Domestic Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Inquiry by the Environmental Audit Committee, 2016.
Robots and Artificial Intelligence Inquiry by the Science and Technology Committee, 2016.
Intergenerational Fairness Inquiry by the Work and Pensions Committee, 2016.
Homelessness Inquiry by the Communities and Local Government Committee, 2016.
National Curriculum Reform (England): Key Stage 4 Science Inquiry by the Department of Education, 2014.
Every Newborn Action Plan by the WHO, 2014.
Living Standards and Sustainability Policy Consultation by the Labour Party, 2014.
Young People and Inequality in the Post-2015 Development Agenda Consultation by the UN, 2012.
Health in the Post-2015 Development Agenda Consultation by the UN, 2012.
Planning for Housing Provision Consultation by the ODPM, 2005.