Population Matters

Opinion polls

Opinion polls

Many opinion polls have shown that most people think population is an important issue. Here are some examples.


Proposition: Which of nine issues facing the world are a serious issue, and which one is the most serious?
Result: Out of 17 countries surveyed worldwide, Britain is the most concerned about population growth — but is apparently among the least concerned about climate change.
YouGov global survey, Nov – Dec 2015

Proposition: What are the two or three greatest challenges that your country is facing?
Result: More than four in 10 people in China (46%), Great Britain (44%) and India (42%) said overpopulation was the greatest challenge in their country.
Ipsos MORI poll for Kings College London in 2010


Proposition: Does Australia need more people?
Result: 52% said no.
ANUPoll poll in 2010


Proposition: What are the most important issues of concern in developing countries?
Result: 47% mentioned population growth.
North-South Centre poll for the Council of Europe in 2001


Proposition: Should efforts be made to control the population of at least the developing countries?
Result: 71% said yes.
National Institute of Population and Social Security Research poll in 1995


Proposition: Will population growth increase or decrease during the next 10 years?
Result: In 1998, when the survey was first taken, 42% believed population growth would increase. In 2001, the percentage increased to 54%.
Centro de Investigaciones Sociologicas poll in 1998 and 2001

United Kingdom

Proposition: Is it OK to have a big family?
Result: 64% think we should have fewer children to help limit population growth, while 27% think big families can make positive contributions.
BBC iWonder poll (datapoint 19.07.16), 2016

Proposition: Would it be better for the UK and world populations to increase, stay the same or decrease?
Result: More than 80% think it would be better if the UK and world populations stayed the same or decreased.
YouGov poll for PM in 2014

Proposition: Are the world and UK populations too high?
Result: 80% said yes.
YouGov poll for OPT in 2011

Proposition: Is Britain full up?
Result: 94% said yes.
BBC poll in 2011

Proposition: Is the new baby boom a good thing?
Result: No, the planet can’t sustain more mouths to feed by 3:1.
Guardian poll in 2009

Proposition: Are the world and UK populations too high?
Result: 70% said yes.
YouGov poll for OPT in 2009

United States

Proposition: Will population growth be a major problem due to a lack of resources or will the growth not be a problem because we will find a way to stretch the resources we have?
Result: 59% of adults and 82% of scientists stated population growth will be a major problem.
Pew Research Centre poll in 2014

Proposition: Which environmental concern is the most serious?
Result: 29% said population growth.
Beldon and Russonello poll in 1996

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