Population Matters

Campaign graphics

Campaign graphics

Raising awareness is vital to getting our message out. You can help us raise awareness of the impacts unsustainable population growth is having on our planet, by sharing the following graphics and infographics.

Just right-click on the one you like and save it as image. You can then share it on your social media, use it in a presentation or for any other purposes. Some graphics come with different titles and explanations to give options depending on the context or audience they are used for.

General campaign graphics

Population projections and growth

Global warming

Fertility rates

Family Planning

Earth’s resources

Human and animal populations

These graphics are free to use for anyone but only approved representatives of Population Matters can speak on behalf of the organisation.

Population Matters reserves the right to ask any individual or organisation to cease using our materials if we consider that use inappropriate and/or inconsistent with our values.

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