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WINGS for a better life

WINGS for a better life

Fabiola and her son. (Photo credit: www.wingsguate.org)
Fabiola and her son. (Photo credit: WINGS)

Like many 21-year-old women in Guatemala, Fabiola was unaware of the existence and possibilities of birth control. Consequently, she had given birth to her first child at the tender age of 18.

A second child had followed a year later, and not long thereafter a third had been added to the family.

While Fabiola loves motherhood and her children, she is worried about the future.

“I can’t afford to provide my children with everything I’d like to give them, and when they get sick, I can’t sleep because I’m worried about their well-being.”

Having grown up in a family of seven children, Fabiola always had to help her mother to keep the household running. She was in charge of the house and took care of her siblings, even though she was a child herself at the time.

Despite a strong fear that her community would judge her for using birth control, Fabiola knew that she did not want a similar future for her sons.

WINGS enables women to take control of their own fertility
(Photo credit: WINGS)

WINGS, an organisation supported by Population Matters’ initiative ‘PopOffsets’, encourages women to use long-acting reversible contraceptives. They were there for Fabiola when she needed help and guidance in choosing the right anticonception method for her and her family.

After discussing all the options available to her, Fabiola picked a subdermal hormonal implant that will give her five years of protection.

Grateful for the support, she noted that she can now dedicate her time to raising her children without having to worry about extra mouths to feed. As she does not have enough money to pay for the implant, the project managed to help her free of charge.

We are delighted to see that funding of small-scale family planning projects has the power to transform lives for the better. What seems like a small change for some, is a huge step for others.

PopOffsets helps to support the work of WINGS and many other similar initiativesCurrently, more than 225 million women worldwide wish to avoid pregnancy but are not using modern family planning methods. Initiatives like PopOffsets can do much to reduce that number.

This is why we invite you to visit the project’s web-page, and to consider supporting it.

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