Population Matters

Postcard from Indonesia

Postcard from Indonesia

Indonesia’s rapid population growth poses a great challenge to the country as it works to provide for the population’s basic necessities, including clothing, food, shelter, superior education and proper health services.


“A shockingly large population that isn’t offset by adequately high-quality human resources could create another, more serious, problem,” National Family Planning and Population Board (BKKBN) Chief Fasli Jalal said on Thursday.

Indonesia’s population boom is becoming increasingly alarming because it is not balanced by adequate human resources, noted Fasli.

The total population in Indonesia was last recorded at 245.9 million in 2012, but Jalal said that in 2013 it is projected to reach 250 million, with a growth rate of 1.49 percent per year, or an increase of four to five million people.

“This means 10 thousand babies are born every day,” Jalal stated, adding that the quality of Indonesian human resources remains low, as indicated by the Indonesian Human Development Index, which ranks Indonesia 124th of 182 countries.

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