Population Matters

Our year in review

Our year in review

Last year was a busy one for us as we continued to pursue our aim of educating governmnent officials, researchers, students and the public about population and sustainability.

Lily Cole

Hearing supportive messages from model and actress Lily Cole and presenter Bill Oddie during 2014 certainly was welcome. We began working with a public relations agency to improve our messaging and communications strategy. In addition, we revised and restocked our promotional items including our seasonal greeting cards, which were recently reviewed very favorably. We are soon going to launch an online shop to make ordering items easier.

Members participated in the People’s Climate March and Rally for Nature March to promote population concern and our local groups were active at fetes and on high streets. Our outreach work with schools and adult groups continued, as did our lobbying of other campaign groups and celebrities.

Through our PopOffsets carbon offsetting program, we gave grants for family planning projects in the United States, Africa and Latin America.

We have been responding to consultations on development policy, sex education and the global sustainable development goals process and attending meetings with politicians and others. International efforts to improve women’s rights in developing countries, particularly sexual and reproductive health and rights, are growing with campaigns against child, early and forced marriage, female genital mutilation and the unmet need for family planning.

Pregnant teenager

In developed countries, teenage pregnancies are decreasing. Across the developed world, concern over the impact of increasing population in the form of net migration has rarely been higher and the across-the-board subsidy of large families is being increasingly questioned by senior politicians.

With so much going on, our members are more important to us than ever. Our members’ newsletter, which was issued quarterly a few years ago, is now being published twice per month, and we are now offering free will writing and revisions to members with no strings attached. We are continuing to promote membership through leaflet distribution and online and magazine advertising.

Our website is now being viewed more than 12,000 times each week and our Facebook page now has more than 30,000 likes.

We recently brought in campaign coordinators who are already beginning to make a significant contribution to getting our messages out.

With increased internal and external resources, a more favourable environment and stronger communications, we expect to make very good progress this year.

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