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Norway’s all-electric vehicles

Norway’s all-electric vehicles

Latest figures suggest that about 21,000 electronic vehicles are already registered in the country of 5 million, which means Norway has become the country with the highest density of electronic vehicles, surpassing UK or USA.

The sudden Nordic demand for models such as Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf is not inspired primarily by concern for the environment, but by various alternative incentives such as exemptions from road and parking fees, as well subsidies on installation costs for charging stations at homes.

However, Norway’s infatuation with the zero-carbon emission vehicles will face a test in the near future; authorities are expecting to scrap most of the concessions when 50,000 zero emission cars have been registered, or alternatively at a final date of 2018.

The Guardian article

PM comment; The phenomenon of electronic cars in Norway could be an example for the rest of Europe, as the extremely environment friendly cars could be encouraged by alternative means of easing transport options and offering financial advantages in subsidies.

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