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According to a survey by BBC News, England's cemeteries are nearly full. There doubtless are alternatives, but one can't help seeing it as a metaphor for an increasingly crowded world. According to Dawn of the Dead, "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth." Let's hope not.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Annual General Meeting and Conference on October 12th.

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News stories

Professor Al Bartlett, a longstanding advocate of population concern, recently passed away. We issued a brief obituary and plan to provide a fuller one in the next issue of our magazine.

Crowd of people

Population Reference Bureau has published its 2013 World Population Data Sheet, which provides information about 20 population, health and environment indicators for more than 200 countries.

UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon has urged government policies that address and harness the realities of population dynamics.

A regional ministerial conference of Asian and Pacific governments has issued a strong reaffirmation that gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights are indispensable to sustainable development.

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Our activities

Australian academic Dr. Jane O'Sullivan has published papers on population growth and demographic transition.

John Guillebaud

Population Matters patron Professor John Guillebaud has spoken on Sex and the Planet at a TEDxUCL event.

We believe women should be respected to promote positive relationships and so have endorsed a request to Britain's best-selling newspaper to end their daily seminude.

We have cosigned a letter to The Telegraph calling on the UK government to update its 13-year-old and "behind the times" sex and relationship teaching guidance.

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Last chance to register for our Annual General Meeting and Conference in London on October 12th. Andrew Mitchell, past UK Secretary of State for International Development and current MP, will be speaking.

World Vasectomy Day

You can still contribute financially to the first-ever World Vasectomy Day on October 18th.

You can join the call for UK sex education to be improved.

The UK Office for National Statistics is consulting on the Census population statistics for England and Wales with a deadline of 13 December.

Dan O'Neill of the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady-State Economy, based at Leeds University, will be giving a public lecture at the London School of Economics from 6 PM on 21 October. His theme will be his new book Enough is Enough, which we commend highly.

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If you are not already a member of Population Matters, do please consider joining. You will be supporting our cause, will receive additional information and be able to participate in our activities.

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Did you know? The latest UN projection for the population of Africa is that it will grow fourfold by 2100.


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