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Protest in Egypt

There are many factors behind the loss of life from internal conflict in Syria, Egypt and elsewhere. One is population pressure where incomes and opportunities are limited. Egypt's population is three times that of 1950; Syria's has grown six fold. Their birth rates have fallen since then, but are still closer to three than two.

Meanwhile, Britain's population is growing faster than that of any other European country because of continuing positive net migration and high birth rates.

Public discourse on population continues, with extensive coverage of UK population numbers. Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and Friends of the Earth (UK) have both referenced population in recent announcements.

The perceived costs and benefits of decisions on family size are also clearly on the public agenda.

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An interesting analysis of African fertility rates has been published.

Leading German sexual and reproductive services aid charity DSW has published its annual report.

With a rising UK population, announcements this month of increasing energy, housing, transportion and water prices are perhaps not surprising.

The UK Office for Population Statistics has updated its population projections methodology.

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For the Beyond 2015 alliance of development NGOs, we participated in developing a critique of the limited engagement with population dynamics of the UN High Level Panel and demonstrated the linkages between population dynamics and other sustainable development goals.

We were represented at the 27th International Population Conference at Busan, Korea.

Widespread interest in the UK's latest population growth statistics resulted in our chair and chief executive giving 23 interviews in the course of a few days, as well as being quoted several times in the UK press.

We recently had an article about population concern published in the online publication Open Democracy.

Over 10,000 people now 'like' our Facebook page: well done page manager Karin Kuhlemann and team!

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Country house

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has told us that their Charter to save the countryside makes reference to the link between population growth and housing needs. We would like the CPRE to call for population stabilization, but are pleased that the organization is at least acknowledging this important issue.

Friends of the Earth has revised its population policy to call for governments to address both population and consumption. Thanks to all who have written to the organization over the years.

Please consider switching your mobile phone account to Donate Mobile. You would be supporting our campaign for sustainability and it won't cost you any extra. Donate Mobile uses the Vodaphone network, offers to match your existing tariff or better and will contribute 10 per cent of what you spend, after including Gift Aid, to us.

Please also consider writing to Chloe Smith MP, asking her to ensure that the proposed Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill does not obstruct charities from legitimate campaigning.

You can still participate in World Vasectomy Day on 18th October.

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