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June 30th is the end of our financial year, so this is a good time for a look back.

Our international focus has been on promoting population concern, women's rights and family planning in the Sustainable Development Goals process, which is setting international priorities for years to come. We've made some progress and raised the profile of the issues.

In the UK, we've lobbied for better sex education and to protect family planning services. We've participated in public debates on immigration and benefits to promote a balance between immediate humanitarian and broader environmental concerns. We've also published research on the vital issues of energy and housing. We have more local groups and a stronger social media presence than a year ago, and membership and income have both risen.

For this year, work on the Sustainable Development Goals is continuing and we're seeking to influence the party manifestos for the next UK general election. We also have plans to increase our media presence, both online and offline. Onward and upward!

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News stories

Ship in the Arctic

The climatic effect of Arctic methane emissions could cost $60 trillion (£38 trillion) — equivalent to global annual economic output.

Food production growth is predicted to slow, threatening food security.

In late June, the Council of the European Union formally adopted the Conclusions on the post-2015 framework, reinforcing the EU's commitment to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The results so far of the year-old Family Planning 2020 campaign for universal coverage are encouraging.

The reality of the UK Department for International Development's spending on family planning isn't that impressive. However, Marie Stopes is doing good work.

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Our activities

Roger Martin

Our indefatigable chair, Roger Martin, continues to promote our cause very actively — see his talk at the British Humanist Association Annual Conference 2012 and his article for Field magazine entitled If I ruled the world.

Continuing improvements to our website design and promotion, led by Webmaster David Milner, are getting results — the site now is optimized for mobile and receiving more than one million visits per year.

We are strengthening our ties with selected journalists and politicians in preparation for increased government- and media-related activity.

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Things you can do


The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) charter to "save our countryside" calls for better planning but fails to address the real problem — ever more people — directly. Write to the CPRE and ask what they are doing to influence government projections of another 10 million people in England by 2035.

In UK primary schools, puberty is now taught, but body parts are not always. We need to tell children what's what. If you are a UK resident, write to your MP about the importance of sex education.

Vasectomy is safe, certain and underused. Support the campaign for the first-ever World Vasectomy Day.

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