Population Matters Update

From the chief executive

For World Population Day on July 11th, we will be issuing an updated Overshoot Index showing by country how population and consumption levels relate to renewable resources.

Girl Summit 2014

Girl Summit 2014 in London on July 22nd will be part of the growing campaign against female genital mutilation, sexual violence in conflict and early and forced marriage.

Four books of interest have been published: leading population thinkers have collaborated on Facing the Population Challenge, other academics have collaborated on Is the Planet Full? and there are two new books about 18th century population pioneer Thomas Malthus.

I'd like to thank all of our members who are getting the word out by booking and staffing Population Matters stalls at summer events in their area.

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News stories

A report just issued by the International Energy Agency indicates that "it will require $48 trillion in investments through 2035 to meet the world's growing energy needs".


According to a new University of Cambridge report, Britain is running out of farmland.

The population of the UK increased by more than 400,000 last year. Both the largest number of births in the country since 1972 and continuing high levels of immigration contributed to the increase.

The G7 have committed to promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Friends of the Earth in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have followed up their new population policy by joining the Population and Sustainability Network.

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Our activities

Our press release on the latest UK population estimates generated radio interviews and press coverage.

Environmental Time Capsule

We helped arrange the 20th anniversary commemoration of the burial of the Environmental Time Capsules and a talk about population in London by academics visiting from the US.

We soon will be issuing our summary of our recent research on population and sustainability issues to leading UK politicians.

Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in free wills — we will respond shortly.

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Things you can do


Sponsor Jonathan King and Anna Orchard, our runners in the British 10K Run in London on Sunday, July 13th.

Support the campaign for statutory sex education in the UK.

Sign the International Planned Parenthood Federation petition for global sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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We welcome Martha Campbell and Malcolm Potts to our Advisory Council and thank Martin Chilcott, who is stepping down from the Council due to other commitments, for his contributions.

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Did you know that thinkers throughout the ages have been concerned about population growth?

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