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The UN has revised upwards its global population projection, with the estimate for 2100 now approaching 11 billion. Optimistic forecasts of falling fertility in the "global south" simply have not been fulfilled. Even the revised forecast relies on a rapid adoption of family planning in countries that have been slow to adopt it.

Meanwhile, the mid-year population estimate for England and Wales records the highest number of births in 40 years and greater population growth than that of any other European country. It is not surprising that the government has announced the need for a £100 billion investment in infrastructure.

The weakness of the arguments of those who oppose population concern is shown in two recent articles — one by a Catholic convert and another by an extreme libertarian.




We are always talking to other campaign groups about how population relates to their work. If you are their member or supporter, or even if you are not, write to green and development charities and ask them what they are doing about population.

As the UK parliamentary elections draw closer, we are also talking to political parties. If you are in a political party, now is a good time to raise population with those developing the policy platforms and manifestos.

We are exploring options for a mobile-friendly website for those on the move.



10 Billion

Two books on population come out this month, both called 10 Billion. One is from the very concerned computer scientist Stephen Emmott, following on from his widely reported one-man lecture. The second is from the somewhat less concerned demographer Danny Dorling. Both were featured on the BBC's Start the Week.

Human population growth will inevitably crowd out mammals and birds and has the potential to threaten hundreds of species with extinction within 40 years, according to new research from Ohio State University.



Crowd of people

Remember World Population Day on July 11th. It's a good day on which to raise population matters.

One thing you can do is to post comments online in response to a news article, blog entry, etc. ideally with a link to a relevant page on our website. There are plenty of pages from which to choose.


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