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The development community is focused on the Post-2015 Sustainable Development process. We welcome this acceptance that both poverty and the environment must be addressed.

There is increasing focus on population from expert groups devoted to development. However, many influential groups still avoid addressing population because of the difficulty in obtaining cross-governmental consensus.

Refreshingly, a new BBC series is asking whether there is room for wildlife given rising human numbers.



We are working with others to highlight population internationally.

Woman visiting a gynecologist

Parliamentarians from around the world recently met in London to promote family planning, following last summer's summit. One welcome outcome of this focus is falling costs for reliable contraceptives.

We have joined the Girls not Brides coalition against child marriage.

We are participating in the Sex Education Forum campaign to improve UK sex education. The effects of today's "one-click" access to online pornography makes sex education more rather than less important.



Parched land

The latest of many warnings on water shortages was recently issued.

Most UK species are in decline.

The Global Thematic Consultation on Health for Post-2015 emphasized family planning, including avoiding unplanned pregnancies and limiting unsustainable population growth.

The latest UN figures indicate that population growth is higher than previously feared.

Mike Freedman's Critical Mass, a film on population, is now available to buy.



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An article from us was recently published in The Networker, a magazine that goes to UK development charities.


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