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"Millions face starvation as world warms," according to newspaper coverage of a recent food security conference.

The Enough Food for Everyone IF charity campaign addresses the immediate obstacles to ending undernourishment. The cause is a worthy one, but there are underlying longer-term issues, too: resource depletion, rising input prices, changing climate and, of course, population growth.



Woman visiting a gynecologist

Lobbying by us and others has led to the inclusion of family planning in the UN's Health in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

We have been urging the government of the UK to improve sex education. We have in addition been pointing out the cost of Britain's relatively common larger families.

The population of the UK is now growing faster than the economy.



Population Growth as a Variable, a new paper by Jane O'Sullivan, argues that noncoercive measures aimed at reducing population growth are appropriate, cost-effective and development-enhancing contributions to climate change response.

Oil rig on fire

Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth looks at the environmental devastation created by the demand for energy — and includes information about damage done by harvesting supposedly clean and renewable sources.

Researcher Barbara Rogers would like to hear from individuals interested in discussing ways to strengthen the campaign for women's reproductive rights in Britain, in Europe and internationally.



The UN is asking what is important to future prosperity and well-being. Population concern is not on their list, so please consider asking them to add it.

Polar Bears

38 Degrees is sending an email from Margaret Hunter, a teacher at the Warriner School in Oxfordshire, calling on the government of the UK to keep climate change in the national curriculum.

The population-related film Mother is streaming for free until the end of May at the Mother website. We can provide Mother and Growthbusters for public showing when accompanied by a speaker.

You might wish to sign an e-petition to conserve British wildlife.


If you are not already a member of Population Matters, do please consider joining. You will be supporting our cause, will receive additional information and be able to participate in our activities.

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We recently received a five figure legacy and promise of half of an estate. Do please consider making a bequest. Even just a tenth or twentieth of your estate would help to sustain our campaign for a better future.

In memory of Jack Parsons, a key founder and supporter, we make an annual award to recognise those contributing most to our progress. You may nominate a member or members, but not staff or trustees, to us by the end of June.

Jonty Whittleton, who has experience in sustainability and campaigning, has been co-opted as a trustee.

If you are interested in helping to run Population Matters, particularly if you have advocacy or fundraising expertise, ask for a board recommendation or contact us to discuss trusteeship for 2013-14. We particularly welcome young, female and ethnic minority applicants.


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