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Child marriage

It is good to see campaigns against female genital mutilation and child marriage gathering steam. Stopping such practices strengthens women's ability to manage all aspects of their lives, including their fertility.

Wider progress on sexual and reproductive health and rights is being achieved, despite opposition from conservative states. Marie Stopes has launched a campaign for reproductive health and rights, as has Amnesty, the larger emerging economies and even the Economist.

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News stories

Scientists continue to issue alarming predictions about our climate and civilization. Food is a particular concern, in China and generally.

Melting ice

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a report calling for a "Plan B" on climate change because governments are failing to take action to reduce carbon emissions.

As population numbers and pollution rise, Britain is planning a new city and Paris is limiting the use of cars to alternate days.

Senior UK Minister Ian Duncan Smith recently noted the "enormous popularity" of limiting the child benefit to the first two children.

A recent review of research papers found that the issue of population growth is being systematically marginalized.

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Our activities

We are continuing to promote population concern within the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals process.

Jonathon Porritt

Environmentalists Jonathon Porritt, a Population Matters patron, and Robin Maynard, with our support have conducted a review of the addressing of population — or lack thereof — of leading UK environmental campaign groups.

We have written to UK government ministers to promote limiting the child benefit to the first two children while supporting families in poverty.

We are also discussing ways of matching worker supply and demand within the UK.

Our patron Professor John Guillebaud would like to contact anyone who attended the burial of the Eco Time Capsule in Kew Gardens on 5 June 1994. If you were there or know someone who was please contact him.

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Things you can do

Support John Guillebaud's eco bike vs. car race from central London to Kew.


There is just one free place left for someone to cycle to raise funds for Population Matters in London this summer.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our video for schools project. We've raised £3,000 but are looking for more to make the best film we can. Please consider supporting the project.

Well done to those booking Population Matters stalls at local summer fetes. If you'd like help and advice on staffing a stall, including insurance and merchandise, contact us.

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For those who haven't heard Stephen Emmott and would like to, here he is sharing his rather pessimistic view of the future.

If you are going away for Easter, consider offsetting your travel with PopOffsets.

Did you know: the number of women of child-bearing age is at an all-time high and projected to continue to increase until 2090.

"It is time we had a grown-up discussion about the optimum quantity of human beings in this country and on this planet." - Boris Johnson, British Conservative Party politician


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