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Girls in a classroom

The Commission on the Status of Women made progress in strengthening women's rights, despite opposition from Egypt, Iran, Russia and the Vatican.

Good to see the UK's Minister for International Development commit more funds and other support for family planning and women's empowerment.

The UK is facing a baby boom with 250,000 extra primary school places being required.

At the same time, an energy shortage looms. As they say, do the math.




We have launched a teachers' group and formalised our outreach programme, through which we offer speakers and materials to schools and colleges and faith and interest groups.

Our French partners Demographie Responsable recently organised their first conference on population.



A scientific literature review by the Guttmacher Institute finds that couples lead better lives when they can choose whether and when to have children.

Mother and adopted child

Is there a duty to adopt? A paper by Daniel Friedrich argues that the general duty to assist those in need extends to children without parental care.

The BBC aired a Costing the Earth programme on the environmental impact of too many children, partly, they said, because they received so many requests.

A BBC stalwart, Michael Buerk of the Moral Maze, recently spoke eloquently on the consequences of population growth.

A podcast of the launch of the book Whither the Child? Causes and Consequences of Low Fertility is now available.



A members' group has been formed in South Cumbria. Members' groups are listed on our website — if there is not one near you, ask about setting one up.

Pippa Hayes

Past Trustee Dr. Pippa Hayes is speaking in Jersey on April 17th. She recently gave what was described as an "absolutely outstanding" talk to almost 100 people at the Café Scientifique in Launceston, Cornwall. If there is a Café Scientifique near you, do ask them to invite a Population Matters speaker.

Leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt will discuss why population matters so much in Winchester on April 22nd.

PopOffsets is gearing up for what they hope will be a busy summer season. If you use LinkedIn, you are invited to join the new PopOffsets group.

We welcome articles of approximately 700 words, reviews and letters by June 30th for our summer magazine.




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