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Despite widespread flooding in the UK and unseasonable weather in the US, Japan and elsewhere, population pressure is prompting the construction of ever more housing in areas vulnerable to flooding and other natural disasters.


Another issue is falling living standards — rising demand is causing increases in housing, food and energy costs.

The UN International Conference on Population and Development has issued its Beyond 2014 Global Report. It reaffirms the importance of human rights, including women's equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The leader of Indonesia has called on citizens of his country to have no more than two children per family.

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The Council of Europe has passed a resolution on development that includes a call for a "guarantee of sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls, in particular with a view to avoiding unwanted pregnancies and further reducing maternal mortality."


Researchers have found that people from a large family are more likely to have a large family themselves.

Researchers have also found that the family size of those coming from a large family tends to be small if they live in an area that has a culture of small families.

Studies have found that the Scots and Swiss oppose large-scale net migration.

An international survey has found that most Catholics support modern family planning.

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Our activities

We are continuing to lobby the UN and UK government on a range of population-related issues.

Roger Martin

Our Chair Roger Martin believes our new research studies summary is one of our most important papers and a "must have" for campaigning members. It's full of striking and quotable figures aiming to "answer the questions no one else thinks of asking".

Roger is giving speeches in various towns in the UK. See if you can attend, or contact groups in your town to offer to speak yourself.

Our patron Jonathon Porritt recently tried to engage environmental nonprofits in the UK in making the connection between population growth and environmental degradation — the results were disappointing.

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This week is Climate Week. Get involved in what is happening locally and promote smaller families as part of a sustainable lifestyle.


March is Free Wills Month in the UK. Save money — and think of us.

Help to design our new official T-shirt. Please be sure to send your ideas to us by 24th March.

Run or cycle for us in London this summer to help us raise funds.

If you ordered and have not received any of the Jack Parsons books we're giving away, please contact Owen Clarke with details of your order.

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If you are not already a member of Population Matters, do please consider joining. You will be supporting our cause, will receive additional information and be able to participate in our activities.

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There is now an 18-minute video associated with Enough is Enough, a book about economic sustainability, on YouTube.

The Population Reference Bureau is demonstrating the effectiveness of combined population, health and environmental initiatives.

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Did you know: one-third of national governments have policies to decrease population growth and one-fifth have policies to increase it.


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