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We have completed with other campaign groups our collective submission to the UN on population dynamics, which sets out the links between population growth, poverty, conflict and other ills. Mali is a classic example, hovering near the bottom of the poverty league table, suffering a series of internal conflicts and with a population that trebles every 50 years.

Evidence is building that the UK's always patchy sex education and health is vulnerable to repeated rounds of public economising. It is good to see Brook and the Family Planning Association reference the potential costs of unwanted pregnancies — this is something we need both local and national governments to understand.




Hedgehogs and moths in the UK and rhinoceroses in Africa are the declining species in the news this month.

Other stories are on the growing problem of ever-rising quantities of waste.



Two significant and pessimistic papers on resource sustainability have come out — one from Chatham House and the other from the National Intelligence Council.



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In December CNN reported, "Lawmakers approved legislation calling for government-funded contraception and sex education classes in the Philippines." Better late than never, though there will be opposition from Mother Church. According to ZENIT - The World Seen from Rome, "Less than two weeks after the President signed the Reproductive Health bill, lawyers filed a petition to declare the measure null and void. The couple cited the Constitution, which recognizes the State's duty to protect the family, the life of mothers and their unborn children, and to support the primary right of parents in rearing their children." Read Edmund Davey's comments.




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Nominate Population Matters patron David Attenborough for an Observer Ethical Award and a World Wildlife Fund Hidden Hero Award for his stance on population concern. He lives in Richmond — it's the answer to one of the questions you'll be asked.

There will be a population debate in London, UK on the evening of March 6th amongst leading University College London academics — it's free and booking is not required.

The British Society of Population Studies is inviting papers for its annual conference. If you submit a paper, please let us know.


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