Population Matters

Past events – 2008

Past events – 2008

The Operational Research Society 2008 Blackett Memorial Lecture: The sustainability of human populations

Held at the offices of the Royal Society on 23rd October 2008.

Speaker: Dr. Martin Desvaux PhD CPhys MInstP (Optimum Population Trust)

Lecture: Following a short introduction to the Optimum Population Trust, the talk commenced with an overview of the development of human world population from prehistory up to the present day. The speaker explored and sought to answer the following questions: How many people can the earth support today? Where are the limits and on what do they depend? Have we yet to exceed the sustainable population size or is a collapse around the corner? What will be the effect of global warming on our prospects and will cutting carbon emissions solve the problem? If not, does anything? Martin Desvaux showed how the sustainability of populations could be assessed using recently-developed footprinting methods and data from the Global Footprinting Network. He used a novel graphical way to present complex footprinting data.

Liberal Democrat Conference: Time for a population policy?

Held at the Bournemouth International Centre on 16th September 2008.

Chair: Chris Davies MEP

Speakers: Professor John Guillebaud and Rosamund McDougall (Optimum Population Trust)

Debate: The need for environmentally sustainable population policies for the world, for the EU and the UK, and what these policies might be. The three speakers were followed by an open debate.

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