Population Matters

Media Coverage – Pre 2011

Media Coverage – Pre 2011

Media coverage of the Optimum Population Trust

(From 2002 – 2010, excluding most local radio interviews and letters to the press.)

The First Post (7 January)
GlobalComment.com (25 January)
Links (31 January)
MercatorNet (1 February)
The Ecologist (2 February)
On Line Opinion (5 February)
The Guardian (13 February
The Times (16 February)
Spiked (17 February)
Business Standard (India) (21 February)
Gair Rhydd (25 February)
Our Future Planet (5 March)
The Linc (10 March)

Public Servant (More uncertainty lies ahead for public services, David Nicholson-Lord, 2 January 2009)
Daily Mail (5 January)
Public Servant Online (6 January)
Sunday Times
Ziare.com, HotNews.ro (Romania),Virgilio Notizie (Italy), Digital Journal (Canada) (1 February)
Daily Mail, The Scotsman, BBC Radio Belfast
LifeSiteNews.com (US) (2 February)
The Scotsman (3 February)
The Australian (4 February)
Alan Titchmarsh Show, ITV (5 February)
Talksport Radio (George Galloway)
Scientific Alliance Newsletter (6 February)
The Observer (8 February)
BBC News Online (18 February)
BBC Radio Wales, OneNewsNow (US) (19 February)
Delfi online (Estonia), i105107 Radio (Ireland) (20 February)
Sunday Times, New Zealand Herald (February 22)
New Statesman (Planet Overload, David Nicholson-Lord, 5 March)
Roy Green Radio Show (Canada) (8 March)
The Independent, Laura Ingraham Show (US) (10 March)
The Guardian (21 March)
Sunday Times, The Observer, BBC1 The Big Questions, San Francisco Examiner (22 March)
Daily Star (23 March)
Rush Limbaugh Show (US) (24 March)
BBC Radio 4 Today, Channel 4 News, More 4 News (26 March)
BBC World Service Analysis, Sunday Times (29 March)
PeopleandPlanet.net (30 March)
BBC2 The Daily Politics (31 March)
Spiked (1 April)
American Spectator (2 April)
BBC News 24, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Metro, BBC Radio 4 News, BBC News Online, WalesOnLine, Leicester Mercury, AOL News, Huffingtonpost.com, Spiked, newKerala.com (13 April)
The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Herald (Scotland), Belfast Telegraph, The Australian, Newstalk Radio (Ireland) (14 April)
Deutsche Welle Radio (Germany)(15 April)
BBC News Online, Spin1038 Radio (Ireland) (16 April)
The Independent (17 April)
Sunday Times (19 April)
BBC News Online, Spiked (Why we need population reduction, Adrian Stott) (20 April)
The Australian, Leicester Mercury (22 April)
Take a Break (23 April)
Fox Television Business News (US), The Australian (24 April)
BBC Television World News Debate (26 April)
Isle of Man Today (27 April)
Telepolis (Germany) (1 May)
Korea Times (South Korea) (7 May)
Dag Bladet (Norway), The National (Abu Dhabi) (Defusing the population timebomb, Rosamund McDougall) (9 May)
El Correo (Spain) (10 May)
BBC1 The One Show (13 May)
New Scientist (15 May)
The Times (23 May)
Fox News (US) (11 June)
Examiner.com, Limelife.com (US)(15 June)
Living.Morethan.com (16 June)
OneWorld.UK (18 June)
PeopleandPlanet.net (30 June)
RTE Radio, Ireland (1 July)
Spiked (9 July)
BBC Radio 5 Live, Western Daily Press, The Cornishman (11 July)
Daily Express (13 July)
Daily Mail, Talk Sport Radio (14 July)
The Star, Malaysia (16 Jul)
Irish Independent (21 July)
Irish Times, Daily Times, Pakistan (30 July)
The Guardian, Spiked (5 August)
Common Dreams.org, US (7 August)
Premier Christian Radio (10 August)
Basingstoke Gazette (12 August)
Oxford Mail, The Citizen, South Africa
Daily Mail (17 August)
Sonntagszeitung (Switzerland) (23 August)
ITN News, Channel 4 News, PM (BBC Radio 4), BBC Radio Wales (27 August)
Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Today (BBC Radio 4), World Today(BBC World Service) (28 August)
The Guardian (29 August)
Sunday Times (30 August)
Wells Journal, BBC Focus magazine (September)
Holland Sentinel (US) (6 September)
Daily Telegraph, UPI.com, LifeNews.com, Digital Journal (Canada) (9 September)
San Francisco Chronicle, Catholic News Agency (10 September)
IRIN News (South Africa) (11 September)
San Francisco Examiner (14 September)
Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, GreenandSave.com, Scoop (15 September)
ClickGreen (16 September)
: The Australian, Cnet News (17 September)
The Register, Popular Science, Holland Sentinel (18 September)
The Lancet, AlterNet (19 September)
Mother Nature Network, The New American (US) (21 September)
Now Magazine (Canada), Business World Online (Philippines), San Francisco Examiner, RH Reality Check (US) (23 September)
New Scientist (24 September)
CathNews (25 September)
Voltairenet (28 September)
The Times, The Guardian, U.TV News (Ulster), Salon.com (29 September)
Spiked (6 October)
Financial Times (17 October)
CNSNews.com (19 October)
Washington Times, Media Matters for America (20 October)
Canada.com (21 October)
The Observer,The Independent on Sunday (25 October): BBC Wildlife (November)
International Viewpoint Online Magazine (November)
EU Radio Nantes, ABC News (Australia), Bangor Daily News (US) (5 November)
World Magazine (US) (7 November)
America Magazine (8 November)
Stroud News &amp
Journal (12 November)
Examiner.com (14 November)
Lifenews.com (16 November)
Woman’s Hour (BBC Radio 4), Channel 4 News (18 November)
Islam Channel (Ummah Talk) (19 November)
MercatorNet (21 November)
Metro, Talksport Radio (23 November)
Examiner.com (US) (24 November)
BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service (The Climate Connection) (30 November)
The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, BBC 1, BBC News 24, BBC Scotland, BBC Wales, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 2, BBC News Online, PeopleandPlanet.net, Times Online, Radio Netherlands, New American.com (3 December)
More4 News, Cape Talk Radio (S. Africa), The Age (Australia), Mindanao Examiner (Philippines), BBC News, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4 (4 December)
Sunday Express (6 December)
British Medical Journal, Spiked Online (7 December)
Daily Telegraph, Legal Brief Today (8 December)
BBC2 Horizon, The Guardian, The Times, The Sun, Investors.com (9 December)
Financial Times, New Statesman, China Daily (10 December)
Boston Globe, The Australian (11 December)
Chorus Radio (Canada) (12 December)
Zenit News Agency (13 December)
New Zealand Herald, Grist Magazine (US) (15 December)
Voice of America (16 December)
Vox Africa TV (20 December)
Tory Reform Group: Copenhagen and Beyond: What Next for Environment Policy? Small is beautiful: A green population policy for the UK, Rosamund McDougall (December)
Colourful Radio (21 December)
Catholic Online (22 December)
BBC News Online (27 December)
Spiked (30 December)

Christian Examiner (US) (January 2008)
Sunday Express (Why we’re in a tight spot, Rosamund McDougall), Sunday Times (Budge up back there, the country’s got to squeeze more in yet, Jonathan Leake) (6 January 2008)
Liverpool Echo (17 January)
The Guardian (29 January)
Radio 5 Live (30 January)
Clean Slate (Winter 2007-08)
Spiked (1 February)
Geographical Magazine (February)
The Guardian (6 February)
The Times (8 February)
Sunday Express (17 February)
Daily Telegraph, Daily Record, Metro, Radio 5 Live, Spiked (18 February)
Daily Mirror (21 February)
Spiked (25 February)
PM, BBC Radio 4 (28 February)
The Tablet (8 March)
Spiked (18 March)
Night Waves, BBC Radio 3 (19 March)
RTE Radio, Dublin (31 March)
Spiked (4 April)
Radio Ulster (4 April)
Daily Telegraph (5 April)
Spiked (11 April)
FrontPage magazine.com (US) (29 April)
Spiked (9 May)
LifeSiteNews.com (US) (13 May)
PeopleandPlanet.net (22 May)
Green Christian (Summer)
Food Magazine (Must the planet go hungry? David Nicholson-Lord) (June)
Daily Telegraph (6 June)
Observer (29 June)
Daily Telegraph, Eastern Daily Press, PlanningResource, Spiked (30 June)
RH Reality Check (US) (8 July)
News, BBC Radio 4, Today, BBC Radio 4, News Talk Radio, Dublin (11 July)
World News, BBC Television (12 July)
Independent, Guardian Online, LifeSiteNews (15 July)
Radio Colorado (16 July)
Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio 5 (22 July)
EurekAlert, US (24 July)
British Medical Journal, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Scotsman
Today, BBC Radio 4, World at One, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5
Radio Foyle, Premier Christian Radio, BBC World Service, OnMedica News, Rinnovabili, Milan (25 July)
The Guardian, Express &amp
Echo, Exeter (26 July)
In Spirit, BBC Radio London
TheRegister.co.uk (27 July)
Science Daily, US (28 July)
The Times (29 July)
Late Show, BBC London (31 July)
LBC (3 August)
Stop.hu, Budapest (4 August)
Libertad Digital, Spain (5 August)
The Universe (6 August)
Daily Telegraph (22 August)
Daily Telegraph, Richard Bacon Show, BBC Radio 5 (27 August)
Independent (28 August)
The Economist (29 August)
Irish Times (4 September)
The Times (9 September)
Spiked (10 September)
Sunday Herald, Scotland (14 September)
The Independent (19 September)
Mother and Baby (September)
Bella (Should we stop at two kids? Debate, Rosamund McDougall, Anne Diamond, 28 October)
Resurgence ( The Silence of the Greens, David Nicholson-Lord, November-December)
BBC News, Scotland (3 November)
BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight (24 December).

Adbusters ( The Great Urban Outdoors, David Nicholson-Lord, Jan/Feb 2007, Big Ideas of 2007)
Resurgence (London conundrum, David Nicholson-Lord, March-April, 2007)
The Observer (No one is willing to address the accelerating growth in the world’s population, Juliette Jowit, 18 March 2007)
The Guardian Online (The numbers game, David Pallister, 21 March 2007)
BBC News Online (How ethical is my baby? Justin Rowlatt, 30 March 2007)
The Ecologist (Population the number one issue, Jonathon Porritt, April 2007)
The Independent (How to save the planet, Guy Adams, 19 April 2007)
Sunday Times, BBC Radio 4 (6 May 2007)
The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Belfast Telegraph, BBC Radio 5 Live, Sky Radio: Fox News, CitizenLink, WDC Media News, Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck, National Review Online (all US)
The Age (Melbourne), The Australian (7 May 2007)
BBC Radio2, Jeremy Vine Show
Daily Grist, LifeSiteNews.com (US)
Radio Canberra (8 May 2007)
Galway Independent
Action Institute, The Conservative Voice, Alex Jones Show (Radio) (US)
New Zealand Herald
Melbourne Talk Radio, Australia (9 May 2007)
The Dominion Post, New Zealand
Baptist Press, WorldNetDaily (US) (11 May 2007)
Boston Globe, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, The Argus (Fremont, California) (13 May 2007)
Sydney Morning Herald, National Post (Canada), Hindustan Times (14 May 2007)
CNSNews.com, Crosswalk.com (US) (17 May 2007)
The New York Sun (18 May 2007)
Restoring the Balance (Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio), Youth Talk Radio (Melbourne, Australia),The Observer (20 May 2007)
CFRO Radio, Vancouver (23 May 2007)
Indianapolis Star (28 May 2007)
Newstalk Radio (Ireland) (30 May 2007)
The Guardian (7 June 2007)
Sunday Times (10 June 2007)
Stuttgarter Nachrichten (13 June 2007)
Guardian Online (14 June 2007)
Enter Stage Right (US) (18 June 2007)
Daily Telegraph, Spiked (27 June 2007)
New Statesman (28 June 2007)
The Spark, E-debate (Engineers Against Poverty) (Newsletter 10, July 2007)
Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4 (5 July 2007)
Sunday Times, Australia (7 July 2007)
The Independent (10 July 2007)
The Guardian (Citizens Arrest, David Nicholson-Lord, 11 July 2007)
The Guardian, Daily Mail, BBC4 TV News/World News Today, BBC World Radio, BBC Radio Five Live, BBC News 24, Sky News Radio, LBC Radio, Radio Midlands, Raisingkids News
Melbourne Age, Herald Sun (Australia)
Digital Journal (US)
Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran) (11 July 2007)
The Guardian, Daily Mail, BBC Radio Ulster, Bounty News
Media Matters for America, Huffington Post, Lifesite (US) (12 July 2007)
UKParents Lounge
BBC TV Breakfast, BBC Radio Wales, The Times, Kaiser Network News (US) (13 July 2007)
Peopleandplanet.net (14 July 2007)
Sunday Times
Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times (Populating and perishing, David Nicholson- Lord) (15 July 2007)
New York Sun, Lifenews, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (US) (16 July 2007)
People’s Media Company (US) (18 July 2007)
The Guardian, Nursery World, National Public Radio (US), CNSNews.com (US) (19 July 2007)
The Tablet (21 July 2007)
The Observer (22 July 2007)
CitizenLink (US) (24 July 2007)
National Public Radio (US) (25 July 2007)
RH Reality Check(US)(27 July 2007)
Sunday Times (29 July 2007)
FrontPage Magazine (US) (31 July 2007)
Radio Newcastle (1 August 2007)
Talking Politics, BBC Radio 4 (11 August 2007)
The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Metro, New Statesman, Zeenews.com (India)(23 August 2007)
Guardian Weekly, Times of India (24 August 2007)
Significance (Journal of Royal Statistical Society, The sustainability of populations, Martin Desvaux, September 2007)
The Ecologist (September 2007)
Newconsumer.com, The Press (York) (4 September 2007)
The Guardian (Greens need to grasp the nettle: aren’t there just too many people? Madeleine Bunting, 10 September 2007)
The Guardian Online (20 September 2007)
Costing The Earth, BBC Radio 4 (27 September 2007)
One Planet, BBC World Service (14 October 2007)
Herald Sun (Melbourne) (19 October 2007)
World At One, BBC Radio 4
BBC News 24, Channel 4 News, BBC News Online, Colourful Radio (23 October 2007)
The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Daily Express, Daily Mirror (24 October 2007)
Daily Telegraph (25 October 2007)
Today, BBC Radio 4
The Economist, The Independent (26 October 2007)
Financial Times (29 October 2007)
The Guardian Online (1 November 2007)
Reporting Religion, BBC World Service (4 November 2007)
The Independent (6 November 2007)
The Observer (Three’s a crowd, Juliette Jowit, 11 November 2007)
Spiked (November 2007)
Radio Five Live (20 November 2007)
National Catholic Register (US) (25 November 2007)
Express &amp
Echo, Exeter (26 November 2007)
BBC News 24 (27 November 2007)
Herald Sun (Australia) (28 November 2007)
Daily Mail, Scotland (7 December 2007)
Daily Telegraph (12 December 2007)
Radio Five Live (13 December 2007)
National Review (US) (16 December 2007)
The Times (18 December 2007)
FrontPage Magazine (US) (19 December 2007).

The Independent: Overpopulation “is main threat to planet” (Steve Connor, 7 Jan 2006)
The Observer: Is it ethical to have children? (Lucy Siegle, 22 Jan 2006)
The Guardian (15 February 2006)
BBC Radio Scotland (15 February 2006)
BBC Radio 4: Today (16 February 2006)
Science and Public Affairs (British Association for the Advancement of Science) (March 2006)
Daily Express (2 May 2006)
Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Metro, BBC World Service – Network Africa, The Scotsman, Evening News (Edinburgh), Daily Telegraph (Australia), Gulf Times (Qatar), Zee News(India), News24 (South Africa), NewKerala.com, India, Yahoo!News.com, Lanka Business Online (Sri Lanka) (30 May 2006)
Dominion Post (New Zealand), DailyIndia.com (New York), Nerve News(India) (31 May 2006)
Financial Express (Bangladesh) (01 June 2006)
BBC World Service, World Business Review (17/18 June 2006)
BBC 1 (Television), Breakfast (20 Jun 2006)
Challenge (Green Liberal Democrat magazine, Population – the ghost at the table, David Nicholson-Lord, Summer 2006)
Biologist (Institute of Biology, Overpopulation denial is a fatal game, Rosamund McDougall, June 2006)
Resurgence (Blind spot, David Nicholson-Lord, July-August 2006)
Sky Radio News, Real Radio (Scotland), Colourful Radio (11 July 2006)
Guardian (12 July 2006)
BBC News Magazine Online (Shrinking office syndrome, 20 July 2006)
Daily Mail (22 July 2006)
Daily Telegraph (26 July 2006)
Daily Express (31 July 2006)
BBC Radio 4: The World Tonight, Channel Four: More 4 News, Three Counties Radio (24 August 2006)
Daily Express, Three Counties Radio (25 August 2006)
Radio Manchester (26 August)
The Ecologist (The Numbers Game, David Nicholson-Lord, October 2006)
Glasgow Herald (21 Oct 2006)
Capital Doctor (Rage, rage against the dying of the light, obituary of Jack Parsons, by Rosamund McDougall, November 2006)
Capital Doctor (Hardinian taboo, November 2006)
Capital Doctor ( Oppressive environments and middle- class flight, David Nicholson-Lord, December 2006).

Geographical magazine (Andrew Brackenbury, Mar 2005)
New Statesman: Labour can beat the fear factor (25 Apr 2005)
The Independent: The green issue that dare not speak its name (David Nicholson-Lord, 20 Jun 2005)
The Week (25 Jun 2005)
Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mail (25 Aug 2005)
The Times T2 (29 Aug 2005)
New Scientist (1 Oct 2005)
BBC Radio 4: Home Planet (27 Sep &amp
4 Oct 2005)
The Guardian, Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, BBC World Service: Europe Today (21 Oct 2005)
Guardian: Society (26 Oct 2005)
Whatever happened to the teeming millions? (David Nicholson-Lord, Green Futures, Nov 2005).

Sunday Times Magazine (Richard Girling, 15 Feb 2004)
BBC World Service (Mar 2004)
Oxford Times (Jul 2004)
Free Inquiry magazine, USA (Europe’s baby bust – what problem? Rosamund McDougall)
The Guardian (Crowd control, Walter Schwarz, 1 Sep 2004)
The Independent (Sep 2004)
The Fewer the Better New Statesman (David Nicholson-Lord, 8 Nov 04, shortlisted for the David Watt prize).

OpenDemocracy ( Mass immigration: a route to environmental collapse, Rosamund McDougall, 22 May 2003)
Sunday Times (John Humphreys), The Times ( You don’t save the world by having a headache , Magnus Linklater), The Guardian (We should welcome signs of a shrinking population, Martin Woollacott), BBC Radio 4: Talking Politics, BBC TV: Newsnight, Daily Mail, Sunday Times (Attenborough: cut human population, Jonathan Leake)
The Observer (Juliette Jowit) (Aug 2003), BBC Radio 4: The World Tonight, GP Magazine (29 Sep 2003)
BBC World Service (Nov 2003)
Hello! magazine, BBC Radio 4 (Dec 2003).

The Times (Britain better off with half the people, Anthony Browne, Oct 2002), New Statesman (Pop the Pill and think of England, Anthony Browne), BBC Radio 4: You and Yours (Nov 2002), BBC Radio 4: The Westminster Hour (Dec 2002).

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